Extra Credit- Piplioti Rist’s works that I actually like

I find some works by Piplioti Rist to be questionable when pertaining to an artistic context, such as “I’m not the girl who misses much.”  All artists have their bad works though regardless if they are contemporary or historical figures.  And everyone has there opinion on the different works, obviously; so even the bad works can sometimes be seen as enjoyable to look at or listen to.  In this post, I want to show that I am open to further viewing different works by this artist in particular even though, some of them stray me away from her.

Pipilotti Rist works revolve around themes like gender and femininity.  Pipilotti has studied audiovisual communications, commercial art, illustration, photography, and has done freestyle video/audio works and instillations since 1986.  Homo sapiens sapiens is one of her better works in my opinion.  It is a video instillation artwork.  The viewer must get down on the floor on a low, organic sofa arrangement that she had designed especially for this work.  The subject contains two naked Eve figures floating innocently and lustily around.  Homo sapiens sapiens was seen as mythological tale inspired by medieval frescoes and the vaults of the Baroque churches.  Pipilotti Rist challenged the usual way of ‘absorbing’ art, by allowing the viewers to interact with their own bodies.  This artwork is full of life and makes the viewer feel like they are apart of it.  It also makes the viewer think about their life personally and how fragile the human body is.

This work reminded me of the video instillation works that I viewed in the Denver Art Museum’s exhibit Blink, which I was completely fascinated by.  What I like most about her work was that she is unique and original.  She puts a twist to everyday life ideas and objects and turns them into art.  In one particular example she created a chandelier of panties dangling from the ceiling.  Many people would find this humorous and rush to take a photo under it for facebook but Rist’s thought process behind it was very much in depth.  She said, “This part of the body is very sacred, the site of our entrance into the world, the centre of sexual pleasure and the location of the exits of the body’s garbage.”

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