Jeff Koons Color Inspiration- Kathryn Anderson

This semester I have taken World Art 2, Foundations and Contemporary Art.  Throughout the semester these classes have overlapped and given me the tools to really examine what kind of art I really connect with and what artists really inspire me.  There are many artists that have skill and creativity that I would never execute.  Jeff Koons for example has the ideas to execute projects with such pop and awe.  People see his work and are immediately drawn to the way that he uses color.  Regardless of his medium the way that color plays a huge role in his work really influences the way that his work is perceived emotionally.  The flower puppy at the Guggenheim in Bilbao changes colors with the seasons and this really alters the way the puppy is preserved.  Than his balloon dogs as well all seem completely different because of their color.  The deep blue puppy looks like he belongs in a winter scene or that he might be a male dog just on the basis on cool color associations the hot pink dog looks like it would go to a little girls birthday party or it should wear a floral collar.  The pink immediately reminds the viewer of a little girl.  Then Koons displayed his Rabbit at Versailles the exurbanite background of the decorations on the walls and ceilings diminished the intensity of the Rabbit.  It made the modernity of the Rabbit stick out along with the fact that the Rabbit was silver while the rest of the room was adorned in gold.  The silver color choice accentuates the modernity of the Rabbit in its design and medium in addition with the fact that it in the room with old artifacts.  Jeff Koons has his Inflatable Flower and Bunny, which also play off each others colors with green, pink and white alternating between the two.  They use complementary colors to bring out the best in the color.

Koons overall has work in all kinds of arenas with all kinds of colors and mediums.  He does an amazing job keeping everyone on their toes guessing what he will do and keeping the critics loving or hating his work.

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