Luna’s Half Indian Half Mexican. Megan Keith

Although I did not particularly enjoy Luna’s “Take a picture with a real Indian”, I was really struck by how powerful his “Half  Indian Half Mexican”photo was. In the series of three photos, Luna shows two aspects of his heritage through visual representations of himself. In the “Indian” aspect, he has long hair falling past his shoulders. In the “mexican” aspect, he is shown with short hair and a mustache. In each photo, he looks like the stereotypical representation of that race.

It is incredible how he is so able to become “different” races, simply by changing his hair and adding facial hair. My favorite part of the photo series is the head-on shot of Luna, when the viewer can see the Indian and Mexican appearances side by side. He looks slightly askew, as one side of his face does not match the other. But it is very interesting to see how he incorporates both aspects of his heritage into one shot.

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