Yang Yong

Longing for Paradise, Negotiating with the Real: Looking at the Chinese Art Scene Today by Hou Hanru.. Yang Yong was mentioned in this reading, and I thought I would do a little research about him. The reading taught us about a city called Shenzhen, which was literally created in the past two decades. The artist obsessively photographs the residents. The article teaches us that many cities are being re-planned due to economic and population booming. Taking this further, I found this information about him and Chinese culture:

I learned that Yang Yong is a photographer, but also a curator. Born in what was considered an ‘awkward generation,’ he has access to a ‘vast kaleidoscope of global information, yet remains subservient to traditional patterns of dominance.’ Apparently this awkward generation in China was born in the 70s, which lack the strict beliefs of their parents generation, the rebelliousness of older siblings, and carefree privilege of younger 80s generation. Yang Yong makes photography, paintings, and installations.

He recently did an exhibition called Lightscape, which included 200 hanging lamps, which are supposed to reflect today’s obsession with global media. Yang Yong painted each lamp with images of models, icons, scandals, current events, and natural disasters. By putting these images on simple practical objects, he is speaking to ‘just how mainstream media sensationalism has become.’ For his generation, they grew up with easy access to media information all over Internet, etc. So, he is speaking about how commonplace this information is.

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  1. Honest to God.. The first picture you posted at the top.. Yang Yong.. has a younger exact replica of himself that went to my high school! Scary!

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