Dear class,

I am missing far more artist lecture papers than I think is possible.  If you did not tag your artist lecture under “Lecture Review 1” or “Lecture Review 2”, I did not grade it.

Also, make certain that all of your extra credit is tagged as “Extra Credit”.  This includes any extra artist lecture papers that you did.

PLEASE check all of your submitted work to ensure that it is tagged correctly. If you change anything, please email me immediately because grading is technically done.  This is your last chance. Kira and I will not accept any emails after Friday on this issue.

Thank you!


11 Responses

  1. Do you happen to have any idea when our grades will be up? This class is the only one I’m still missing and I realize that there are a lot of people in our class to go through, but I would also like to have my grade as soon as possible. Just a thought. Best, E.

    • ditto, I’m curious, i actually need this grade bc it’s holding me up for my summer financial aid and my class starts next week, which is the only reason i’m stressing,,

      thanks! aly

  2. when are you giving us our grades.. my parents want to know what i got… thanks

  3. I, too, would like our grades ASAP because I have summer classes that start next week and its stopping my financial aid. Thanks!

  4. Hey bc our grades weren’t in on time, it’s created a grip of problems. Not only did I not get my summer financial aid but I’m in poor standing with my financial aid for fall. I’m really bummed it’s come down to this…

  5. not receiving a grade is just as bad as getting an F which is why we are all pretty anxious

  6. has anyone even heard anything from kira or nicole?? i tried emailing them about a week ago but haven’t gotten a response.

    • Kira emailed me back about a week ago saying grades would be in by last Wednesday at the latest. I called the registrar and they said since the grades weren’t in by the deadline (the 21st) it could be up until June 4 for us to be able to view the grade. Idk what happened. I hope everything is ok

  7. Kira, told us that any extra (decent sized) comments we made on papers or artist reviews would be considered extra credit. However, there was no way to tag them as extra credit! She said you could look at how many comments we made and any extras that were not required would be considered extra credit.

  8. Taking this long for grades is ridiculous. It’s been almost four weeks since our final and we are finally getting our grades? I am extremely disappointed in the lack of responsibility and professionalism in this class. I hope things were OK with Kira and our TA due to this overdue delay, but there is no excuse to have your students’ grades in late and past the given deadline. I hope the next semester of Contemporary Art runs smoother for the next batch of art majors.

    • Idk, I’m my opinion the grades prob got turned in late bc Kira was being kind enough to extend the deadline for due dates. A grip of students procrastinate (I know I usually do, lol). I think once the grades were turned in however it’s the university’s fault for blocking us out.. Idk why this school functions like that, it’s annoying.. Kind of like when they lock us out of making schedule changes (which is coming up so if you needed schedule changes, too bad until classes start in fall). Even though grades were late, I’m stoked on taking this class and I think this class from Kira should be required for any artists that are working in contemporary times. Have a good summer guys!:)

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