Week 2 reflection

This week we focused on our individual projects as well as the bird roosting/nesting sculptures under the guidance of Lynne Hull. We were able to put up a 22 foot poll for te raptors to post up on, and a Cestrol bird nest. The nest was put up on a burnt tree taken from the Oasis in Last Chance and was fortunately reinforced with another branch. The two sculptures make an interesting addition to the landscape with their overall compostion, but I question their instrumental significance as there are dozens of other already in place places for the birds to nest or rest.   For my project I was able to get ahold of Evelyn Everhart, the owner of the shack where I found those photos. I asked her about some of the photos that I found and she informed me that they were in laws, some cousins, and family friends. I am planning on documenting my experience of the shack. In addition some of the photos will be photocopied, so their glory can be shared. I have also almost completed my sculpture of found objects- mainly shotgun shells, bones, some parts from a broken camcorder, and wire. The material speaks to what is commonly found on the ground around these parts- this gives an insight into a way of life. 

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