Viviane Le Courtois: Edible? Review

Aly Nack

ARTH 3539-001

Exhibition Review: Viviane Le Courtois: Edible?


Viviane Le Courtois has been working since 1989 creating installations based off process and conceptual ideas. She creates these installations using collected materials, sounds, videos, animation, light, interactive elements, and series of sculptures, all of which are inspired by her surroundings and consumer culture whether it is from where she is living to where she has traveled. She received her MFA in sculpture and installation form the International School of Art and Research in Nice, France in 1992. Continue reading

Logan Lecture Review: Lawrence Argent

Aly Nack

ARTH 3539-001

Visiting Artist Lecture: Lawrence Argent

Lawrence Argent was born in England and trained in sculpture at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. He received his MFA from the Rhinehart School of Sculpture at the Maryland Institute of Technology. Argent is best known for his public art and the immense amount of research behind each piece. Continue reading

Visiting Artist: Extra Credit (Aki Sasamoto)

Aly Nack

Visiting Artist: Extra Credit

Aki Sasamoto was born in Japan and now currently live in New York.  She received her MFA from Columbia University. She works primarily in performance, sculpture, and dance, but she uses whatever mediums it takes to get her ideas across. Her work has been shown in both performing and visual art venues in New York and abroad. “Sasamoto’s performance/installation works revolve around everyday gestures on nothing and everything.  Her installations are careful arrangements of sculpturally altered found objects, and the decisive gestures in her improvisational performances create feedback, responding to sound, objects, and moving bodies.  The constructed stories seem personal at first, yet oddly open to variant degrees of access, relation, and reflection.”

In all honesty, I really enjoyed the lecture, but I felt like Aki Sasamoto could have gone into more depth about her work. I really enjoyed how she opened the lecture by allowing the audience to choose where she started and then continued to tell us 3 random things she likes and dislikes. I felt that was an interesting way to grab the audiences attention and allow us to learn something a little more personal about her. As the lecture progressed it seemed like she was getting more into doing her actual performances rather then discussing them, which could be considered a good thing, but I feel like that’s not really what the lecture series is about. Although, I do have to admit I thought her piece “Judge Mentals and the Purpose of Life” was hilarious. I definitely learned that you want to be a carrot not a potato! And she did mention that this piece specifically was a motif that she tended to burst out and just start out of nowhere. Now for the Mosquito and crime piece, I really did not understand it at all. I guess there were parts of it that I could relate to and I thought it was pretty funny, but I didn’t really understand the whole concept behind it. Over all, I am kind of neutral to this lecture. I thought it was very funny and very uplifting, but I don’t feel like I got very much out of it.

Visiting Artist: Extra Credit (Nao Bustamante)

Aly Nack

Visiting Artist: Extra Credit

Nao Bustamante is an internationally well- known artist. She is originally from California,  where she also attended the San Francisco Art Institute. She currently lives in upstate New York where she teaches. “Bustamante’s at times precarious and radically vulnerable work encompasses performance art, video installation, visual art, filmaking, and writing”(

Over all I thought Bustamante’s lecture was hilarious and very interesting. I really like how she approached the lecture by opening with “hypnotizing” the audience to create a more relaxed atmosphere for the lecture, also known as her piece “find yourself through me”. With that, how she ended the lecture by bringing us back from the hypnosis, as if we were actually hypnotized. Although I did enjoy the lecture, I do feel that I could have gotten more out of it. It felt like she only showed about three of her pieces of work, and although they were spread out in different time periods it just did not seem like it was enough. I also do not feel like I learned very much about her. I had to look up most of her background information. Also I do feel like she showed more that I thought she did, but she breezed through it. Like at the beginning when she she showed us her body work she focused on one image and spent about a second on every other one, and I was actually very interested in those. I am going to contradict myself and say that, although I do not feel like I got very much, or as much, out of this lecture I do appreciate how she went out of her way to give the lecture in a more unconventional way. By far my favorite part of the lecture was the longer video she showed, I think the piece is known as “Silver and Gold”, but I am not exactly sure because I do not remember her mentioning the name. I thought the video was hilarious and engaging, and although I still do not think I understand what she is trying to get across with this video, I still really enjoyed it. It was hilarious.

Visiting Artist: Janine Antoni

Aly Nack

ARTH 3539-001

Visiting Artist Lecture: Janine Antoni


Janine Antoni was born in the Bahamas, and currently lives and works in New York, New York. She received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in New York, and earned her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her work mainly focuses on the process, and uses select parts of her body — her mouth, hair, and eyelashes– as tools to perform everyday activities. Continue reading

Aly Nack: Extra Credit (Lesley Flanigan)

Extra Credit:

Visiting Artist: Lesley Flanigan

“Lesley Flanigan is a New York-based vocalist, artist, composer and performer. Inspired by the tangible elements of electronic sound, she builds her own instruments using minimal electronics, microphones and speakers. Performing these instruments alongside traditional instrumentation that often includes her own voice, she creates a kind of physical electronic music that embraces both the transparency and residue of process Continue reading

Paper 1: Clyfford Still – Aly Nack

Aly Nack

Clyfford Still Paper

January 31th, 2012

Clyfford Still, although not as well know as some of his colleagues, –including Jackson Pollack , Mark Rothko, Willem de Kooning, Robert Motherwell, etc.– was the first to develop this new, radical approach to painting that is now known as Abstract Expressionism. Continue reading

Aly Nack Intellectual Profile

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

I’m a studio arts major with a focus in drawing with a double major in art history. I am very interested in the combination of drawing and painting to create work, although I do prefer drawing more. I am currently working on a series that focuses on this idea of home and how as we grow it changes, in each of these pieces both mediums are used but drawing is the main focus with a hint of color from paint.  Continue reading

Terry Smith’s “What is Contemporary Art?” Response

In this piece “What is Contemporary Art?” by Terry Smith, Smith provides a definition for what contemporary art is. Smith states that although contemporary art has many different definitions, it seems to define itself. Smith also states, contemporary art “is what we say it is, it is what we do, it is the art that we show, that we buy and sell, that we promote and interpret”. Contemporary art is also affected by society and society is affected by it, making it a very important part of society today. Because of this it is also able to spread world wide through many different societies and cultures throughout the world, such as tourism or even mass media. It is roughly defined as the same kind of art throughout the globe bringing artists from all over together, which also makes it almost impossible to define contemporary art as one specific style like past art movements.

Continue reading