extra credit Visiting Artist:)

Matt Wedel Visiting Artist

As part of Colorado University’s Visiting Artist Lecture Series, Matt Wedel presented his work as a ceramicist. Continue reading

extra credit Visiting Artist

Elaine Tin Nyo Visiting Artist

Elaine Tin Nyo’s  presentation in the Visiting Artist Lecture series was a story of conceptual work that turned into performance and cultural art. Continue reading

Visiting Artist Wapke Feenstra

This semester as a special opportunity for my sculpture class, I was able to participate in a group welcoming of artist Wapke Feenstra from the Netherlands. Continue reading

Visiting Artist Janine Antoni by Alysia Davis

As part of the Visiting Artist Lecture series at CU Boulder, we welcomed Janine Antoni Continue reading

Contemporary Exhibition… Davoth Art — artist Dave Voth


the “postponed due to weather” event by artist Dave Voth

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Artist Statements

4'X5' acrylic on canvas

It kind of hurts my eyes, lol. Standing in front of this painting makes me feel hyperactive. This is a visualization of an exact feeling. Not an emotion, but an intense physical sensation.

Artist statements are dynamic. Thoughts change through time and can be factual or poetic. I am a sculpture major with a background in painting. This acrylic painting Pain #4 is part of a sculptural installation that I’m planning for class this semester. Continue reading

Painting’s Soul – a paper on Clyfford Still by Alysia Davis

Nude, a beautiful woman without a face confronts voyeurs. Her facial expression can be inferred by her body language – delicate, decisive, and confidant she is anything. Directly addressing the audience with vacant nothingness, she transforms with the emotions of one viewing her visage. Rendered as a sketch, she is timeless; a glimpse into the dynamic soul of the artist. By leaving her face in the imagination of the viewer, Clyfford Still inserts his personality as artist and author. He knows the viewer will in turn insert their own idea of her emotional state based on their personal experiences.

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Terry Smith: What is Contemporary Art? by Alysia Davis

Terry Smith Article

“What is Contemporary Art?” In Terry Smith’s book, What Is Contemporary Art, the answer to this question is complex and continually evolving. Contemporary Art involves a relationship between history and the present. Continue reading

intellectual profile – Alysia Davis

1. I am an undergraduate senior in the BFA for sculpture. In the fall of 2007 I transferred to CU Boulder from a community college in Colorado Springs. During my time at that school my emphasis was oil painting. Soon after transferring to CU I began acrylic painting and sculpture classes. Also I have my minor in Digital Media and a background in film production. For my science credits I take anthropology classes which I find revealing itself subconsciously in my work. I’m really excited about how this Contemporary Art lecture will inform my sculptural practice.  Continue reading