More American Photos Exhibition

Alysa Sharp


Exhibition of Contemporary Art paper

“More American Photographs”

Upon going to the MCA Denver Museum and seeing the exhibition entitled More American Photographs I found that it was a profound statement of where America has come since the Great Depression and how it still is similar. This exhibition has over one hundred works each presenting an example from the Farm Security Administration (FSA) with commissioned work from contemporary artists such as Katy Grannan, Stephen Shore, Martha Rosler, Larry Clark, and Roe Ethiridge; for a total of twelve contemporary artists with commissioned work. Each of these works were inspired by the FSA’s 1930’s and 1940’s program that documented the Great Depression’s effects upon not only the American landscape but the people as well, More American Photographs offers a portrait of America within today’s society in the wake of the Great Recession. Continue reading

Visiting Artist-Aki Sasamoto

Alysa Sharp


ARTH-Visiting Artist


Aki Sasamoto

Aki Sasamoto an artist who is energetic and who you never know what she is going to do next. She is very interactive and wants the viewer or audience to interact and participate with her artwork. Her work even though at first it appears strange and you are unsure of what exactly is happening when taking a step back after the performance you see the “hidden message” within the work. Sasamoto does a very good job of keeping the audience and or viewer captivated through her sense of humor and ability to bring forth a hidden yet meaningful aspect to her work. Continue reading

Visiting Artist Lecture 1-Joan Kee

Alysa Sharp

Visiting Artist Lecture 1

ARTH 3539

Joan Kee

After going to go see Joan Kee on February 14, 2012 it brought forth a new light as to how to look at cultures through the lens of an artist.   Joan Kee’s main topic of discussion was cultural studies focusing on the work of Ming Wong, an artist who address multiculturalism and explores his own relationship to contemporary art within his pieces.  Being an Anthropology major myself I thought that this talk would give new insight as to how to perceive artists works in different cultures and how they are in particular depict a certain aspect or certain part of that culture. Kee helped illuminate the Singapore culture through the works of Ming Wong. Continue reading

Clyfford Still Paper (Alysa Sharp)

Clyfford Still Museum:

“Hip galleries, world-class museums and fun First Friday festivals – Denver’s art districts are the pulse of the Mile High City’s creative community” ( Among these museums is the Clyfford Still Museum where over two-thousand works painted by none other than the artist Clyfford Still. According to Still’s will his works would be given in its entirety to one American city who would make a permanent museum so that others may observe and study his works. The main mission of the museum is “to advance the understanding and appreciation of Clyfford Still’s art and legacy through the presentation, research, interpretation, preservation, and stewardship of  its unique collections” ( Continue reading

Intellectual Profile (Alysa Sharp)

1.I am double majoring in Anthropology and Studio Arts with an emphasis in photography. I am an avid learner about different cultures and what they bring forth within today’s society and what makes each one unique. As far as photography goes my ultimate dream job would be to work for National Geographic, but until then I am working on putting together a few books of some unique photo projects that I have done. Continue reading

Terry Smith (Alysa Sharp)

Throughout the Terry Smith reading she tries to answer the
question of “what is Contemporary Art?” She takes the audience
back to how Contemporary Art branched out or came to be but
figuring out where its beginnings came from is difficult to
know. As she points out the “beginning” can mean any time
before the current decade but she says that the 1950s and
1960s is where the shift to Contemporary Art occurred. Smith
writes how Contemporary Art is a “culture that matters”
meaning that it influences and is influenced by the
subcultures, local cultures, and the international cultures
that surround it; it “mobilizes nationalities” in specific and
complex ways.

Continue reading