Exhibition review: Viviane Le Courtois: Edible?

Danielle Austin

Exhibition review: Viviane Le Courtois: Edible?




Viviane Le Courtois was born in France i Continue reading

Lawrence Argent: Lecture review 2

Danielle Austin

Lawrence Argent



Lawrence Argent was born in England and went to the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology where he studied sculpture. Argent received his MFA from the Rhinehart School of Sculpture, which is part of the Maryland Institute, College of Art. Argent is well known for creating many public works of art many of which are in Colorado. Much of his work explores people’s relationship with objects and the world around them. Continue reading

Janine Antoni: Lecture Review One

Danielle Austin

Visiting artist lecture: Janine Antoni



Janine Antoni was born in Freeport, Bahamas in 1964. She is a contemporary artist who works in different mediums such as performance art, photography, and sculpture. Antoni received her MFA from Rhode Island School of Design in 1989 and her husband is a fellow RISD graduate. Often times in her work, Janine Antoni uses her body or parts of her body as a medium or a cast for projects. Continue reading

Clyfford Still Paper- Danielle Austin

Danielle Austin

Clyfford Still Paper

Clyfford Still is considered by many to be one of the most significant and influential painters of the 21st century.  Continue reading

Danielle Austin. Intellectual Profile.

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

I am a studio art’s major. My main area of study is drawing and other 2D areas. Recently I have been interested in performance art and sculpture as well. Continue reading