Keeping it Real

Elleree Fletcher

Keeping it Real: Korean Art in the Age of media Representation

The contemporary Korean exhibit currently being shown at the University of Colorado Art Museum confronts the duality of the real versus the surreal. Each work questions the reality of our life and how we interpret it. Continue reading

Lawrence Argent

Lawrence Argent

I was fortunate enough to see Lawrence Argent speak at the Denver Art Museum. He started with a chronological overview of his pieces. Some of his earlier works consist contrasting elements; especially between smells and mediums. Continue reading

Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni

Hearing Janine Antoni speak about her work was an amazing experience. Being familiar with her before the talk, it was interesting to hear the full explanation of her pieces. Continue reading

Clyfford Still Paper- Elleree Fletcher

Clyfford Still – Elleree Fletcher

Clyfford Still was an artist before his time, even he was aware of it. He exclaimed, “I’m not interested in illustrating my time. A man’s ‘time’ limits him, it does not truly liberate him.” Due to Still’s lack of what he thought as appreciation, he locked all his work away, waiting for the time when all his paintings could be shown at the same time and place. He felt that his art had to stand on its own, and he did not want his work to be distracted by other artist’s pieces. Therefore, Still gave his paintings to a city, not an institution. Luckily for me, I was able to experience all of Still’s work in his new museum in Denver. It truly made a difference to exclusively enjoy Still’s work; I was able to understand his development, but was also captivated by his abstract expressionist paintings. Continue reading

Intellectual Profile

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

I am a sophomore, and a double major Studio Arts and English. I am interested in questioning stereotypes in our society and conveying this through my art work. I am especially intrigued by beauty stereotypes, and how they have changed over time; also, how the media has control over many of these predispositions. English is another way to express my creativity. Through writing, but also how reading can expand the imagination. I love how a book can take you to a different place and time.

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Smith Paragraph

Smith defines Contemporary Art as an ever changing niche in the art world. It is defined by culture and current issues. As populations and industries grow, the more art is produced and influenced. Also the growth of technology, and moreover access to the internet, gives endless information to an artist about both the past and the present. Smith refers to this source as “iconomy.”

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