Vivian Le Courtois, Edibles? – Erin Lorentzen

Vivian Le Courtois, Edibles? Exhibition Review


Vivian Le Courtois currently has a mixed retrospective and site-specific, interactive installation at the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art. Le Courtois is a French born artist that received her MFA in Sculpture and Installations from the International School of Art and Research in Nice 1992 and then moved to the United States in 1994. She currently lives and creates in Denver and has exhibited in a number of places in the US and Europe. ( The exhibition Edible? by Viviane Le Courtois at BMoCA not only allows the viewer to walk through the twenty-two years that she has worked with food as a medium, but also contains the installation piece that invites the viewer into the piece to interact so far as to actually consume the piece. Continue reading

Janine Antoni Lecture Review – Erin Lorentzen

Janine Antoni is an artist that uses her body as both a performance and a sculptural tool. Born the Bahamas in 1964, she later graduated with a BA from Sarah Lawrence College and then with an MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design in 1989. From the moment she emerged from her educational career, she was using her body as a tool to create sculptures. “Wean” was the first piece that she did after gaining her MFA, and was a negative imprint f her breast, her nipple, three baby bottle nipples, and the actual package of the nipples. She described this work as discussing objects and the body; the way humans can interchange them easily. From here, she says that all of her work has followed along this idea of the object and the body. Continue reading

Erica Doss Lecture Review – Erin Lorentzen

Erica Doss’ Lecture on Memorial Mania was an interesting and intriguing view on society’s growing obsession with memory and loss. Doss is a Professor at the University of Notre Dame whom has also written several books over her career. From her first book Breton, Pollock, and Politics of Modernism: From Regionalism to Abstract Expressionism (1991) to Twentieth-Century American Art (2002), Doss has done a vast amount of research and gained the knowledge of expertise in Modern Art and Contemporary Art.  In her most recent book, Memorial Mania (2011), Doss “argues that these memorials underscore our obsession with issues of memory and history, and the urgent desire to express—and claim—those issues in visibly public contexts.” Continue reading

Rides to Mr. Micketti’s

I still have two seats left in my van if anyone that was invited is still in need of a ride tonight. Please email me right away if you’re needing a ride for this opportunity Professor VanLil has provided for us!

I prefer you email me before 4 so that I have time to contact you with where we are meeting. Please include your phone number in the email so that I have a concrete way of getting ahold of you quickly.

Networking and Art Group.

Hello fellow students,

I’m trying to organize a Networking and overall Art group for us Art History and Fine/Studio Art Students, well any students interested in the arts. I’m sure you have all found the importance of connecting to students outside you’re department for various reasons (i.e. me searching for architects as a sculpture major.) I made this flyer summarizing the details although I’m no graphic designer (a note for networking for someone may be better at it.)

Basically we would meet one to two times a week to discuss the topics provided, but anything regarding your interests could definitely be a topic of discussion or activity.

What I want to accomplish is designing a network not only between us students, but also an understanding of how art historians, galleries, artists, writers, critics all work together in the Art World. A way of, not only practicing our skills with each other but applying them to the outside world.

Please email me at if you have any questions or interests. There are no specific requirements for who can join the group but must have an interest in the Art World and learning how to be a part of it in the future.

Best, E.

Denver’s Blue Bear Gets An Addition


The artist responsible is unknown and the “stool dropping” was only their briefly.

Any thoughts on the artists statement with this addition?

Recreating a Cloud as Art! Berndnaut Smilde.

The sense of wonder and awe that begins the viewers experience of the work by Berndnaut Smilde is quite fantastic and works with transitional spaces. This piece was created by using a smoke machine and carefully monitored humidity and atmosphere. This particular piece was made for Project Probe, a “test lab” that works to “enable artists to create works on scale, that are unthinkable in real life. Check them out, some intriguing pieces have been produced in their “lab.” ( The interview that Probe conducted with Berndnaut Smilde allows you into the ideas behind his work. I find it particularly relatable in his idea of the ephemeral. Enjoy!


Continue reading

Interesting Timeline of 20th Century Art and New Media

Damien Hirst’s New Official Website is Here!!!


Damien Hirst’s new official website is here! The site is complete with searches of his work that are easy to navigate through a catalogue of works, the ability to browse key works, and even to search through a map of current exhibitions around the world. The viewer can also go to the “Texts” tab to find books that feature his work and career, “Audio and Video” to see short videos of a variety of topics, and even a link to his growing website that sells not only his works but a multitude of works. Other Criteria has been around for awhile as an internet site devoted to making some pieces of Damien Art assessable to buy to a wide audience. Easy navigation on so many complex ideas of what an internet site can be essential to keeping viewers coming back. Damien plans on having new works up monthly and an ever expanding base of what the viewer can experience on this website. One of the most intriguing points of his new site is the “Live Feed” the viewer is immediately taken to inside the site. Here you can watch Damien work on pieces in his studio! Just today he was in there working on a piece where we could all watch him work.

In class we had just discussed the internet replacing our experiences. I believe Damien Hirst is taking a wide audience base to a whole new level with the live feed, the commerciality of products available through your key board, and replacing experiences. The Live Feed allows you to view his process without ever meeting the artist. I would way rather meet the artist’s studio in person and be able to converse with him about the piece before me, about the process of his workings. But until then, this is a pretty complete insight into the world that is Damien Hirst’s works, the exhibitions he currently is displaying, and even a bit into the studio life of one of my favorite artists.

WHAT DO YOU THINK ABOUT THE SITE? Do you like the set up? Do you like the “experience” of the live feed?

DO YOU LIKE DAMIEN HIRST’S WORK? How do you feel about the “selling” website Other Criteria?

Controlling the Art Market and Prices of Work

I found this YouTube video to be kind of interesting. What do you think of the Magrabi’s view on their place in the art market?

Minimalism – Erin Lorentzen

Minimalism is fascinating to me. As I grew up, social settings began to intrigue me because of the way that people acted differently in different “spaces.” A high school student will typically act differently when in the class room verse their bedroom or home verse a sports setting verse the parties. Social standards, although not always followed I do know, began to shape more based on a space than the person themselves. They would change due to the context of the space and the “rules” applied to them in that particular setting.   Continue reading

Spiral Jetty – Unimpressive? – Erin Lorentzen

SPIRAL JETTY. Rozel Point, Great Salt Lake, Utah April 1970, Robert Smithson

The Spiral Jetty has always been one of the Land Art pieces that is more impressive to me. Although I have never been there, I don’t really know. Continue reading

Clyfford Still Museum – Erin Lorentzen

Clyfford Still Museum

Clyfford Still was a radical artist in the Abstract Expressionism movement. This movement came post World War II, which was a time of contradictions in society containing both abundance and anxiety. Abstract Expressionist artist began to reject the canons of the Modernist movement and to leave behind everything European, the biggest being rejection of the figurative to show the dual nature of the human condition. Through monumental size, attention to paint as an expression instead of just a tool, and the non-representational artists began to express feelings, emotions, themselves, and the human condition. Clyfford Still was at the forefront of this movement, just ahead of his contemporaries. Continue reading

Abstract Expressionism Reading – Erin Lorentzen

The reading Abstract Expressionism covers the the rejection of Modernist canons and the representational style to the reasons the postwar artists were making drastic changes. During the period following World War I, World War II, and still anticipating the Cold War, society was experiencing a sense of “dual consciousness of abundance and anxiety.” Society as a whole was booming, “the golden age” had prospered. But the contradictory unsettling feelings in many Americans from WWI and WWII, were prevalent in society and Abstraction Expression played on the abundance and anxiety. With the building attention to Abstract Expressionism, good and bad, the New York School became the “triumph of American painting,” taking Paris out of the spotlight of modern art. Continue reading

Erin Lorentzen’s Intellectual Profile

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

Defining my “field of interest” has always been tough for me. I love art. The way it tells stories and emotions and ideas, the way it captures a moment of time, the time an artist spends with their crafts, pretty much everything about it. I am taking sculpture and photography as my emphasis here at CU, but also have spend quite a bit of time with ceramics, painting, drawing, and sewing crafts. I am also getting my Art History degree to compliment my Studio degree. Continue reading

Car Pool to Clyfford Still Museum

Hello fellow students! I am going to be going to the Clyfford Still Museum on Wednesday, January 25th, leaving from campus around 11:30-12 o’clock. Continue reading