Viviane Le Courtois: Edible? (Exhibition Paper, PDF)

Edible (PDF)

The Luo Brothers: Chinese Contemporary Art

      Yesterday in lecture Michael Micketti briefly presented the Luo Brothers, and I was instantly intrigued to explore their works. The collaborative siblings –Luo Wei Dong, Luo Wei Bing and Luo Wei Guo–work in various mediums to create an overall kitsch masterpiece. Works on paper, lacquer on wood (including carved wood panels), and statues from lacquered resin have become the brothers’ ranging trademark mediums. The Luo Brothers integrate statements on their nation’s current consumerist society with Chinese orientalist motifs, as well as signs of the communist revolution they experienced during their childhood. Continue reading

Cindy Sherman for MAC Cosmetics (2011)

Since we have been discussing the photographic works of Cindy Sherman, I thought I would share this campaign photo to show how relevant Sherman still is today. In Fall 2011, Cindy Sherman posed for a MAC Cosmetics campaign advertisement, dolled up incognito with the company’s products. I found this really interesting because I  noticed this while walking around 29th St. Mall, in which Sherman’s portrait was blown-up and on window display. I chose to post this specific photograph because I think it’s a great example of showing how influential Cindy Sherman still is (since 1970s) and how mainstream she has become as a contemporary artist.

Sherman posed as three different individuals for the cosmetic campaign; a quite glamourous middle-aged woman, a serious-looking clown, and a jovial young lady. 

Clyfford Still Paper – Frank Outslay

Enjoy! Clyfford Still Paper (PDF)