Keeping IT…… Griffin Beste

Griffin Beste


Contemporary Arts

Exhibition Visit.

Keeping it Real

Korean Artists in the Age of Multi-Media Representation

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Argent Paper

Griffin Beste

Artist Lecture Review

Logan Lecture

Lawrence Argent

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Artist Paper

Griffin Beste

Artist Lecture

Contemporary Art History

Janine Antoni

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Clyfford Still -Griffin Beste

Griffin Beste

ARTH 3539

28 Jan 2012

Clyfford Still Paper

   THE MAIN PAPER IS THE DOCX ONE ATTACHED. It includes images and Correct formatting

Stills Paper Griffin Beste

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Beste-Intellectual Profile

1.) I have changed my major numerous times as my interests are peaked in different areas of my life when I discover their impact on my life. I started as a Multimedia Graphic Design student working on 3d animation and digital media production. Soon after I decided I wanted to pursue a degree in Business but that venture was short lived, once I arrived at Cu I was an IPHY major and Pre-med because I had a very intense passion for the material Continue reading

Griffin Beste’s (Terry Smith)

The Terry Smith article presented many definitions for the artistic style known as contemporary art. In his article he presents a few justifications of the contemporary art movement, but somewhere reinforced in-between the brief talk of the 70’s 80’s modernism, post modernism is a simple explanation of contemporary art that really hit the spot for me. Smith presents four different defining characteristics, the first criterion signifies that it is art that has been produced since the 1980s. Other publications claim that contemporary art can be art that has been created since WWII as well.

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