Extra Credit: Isabella Gardner Museum

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Ed Ruscha: On the Road

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Lecture review (Jasmine Lewis)

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Janine Antoni Review (Jasmine Lewis)

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Clyfford Still Paper (Jasmine Lewis)

Clyfford Still paper


The Abstract Expressionist scene of the mid 20th century spawned a new movement in the art world and impacted generations of art makers. Continue reading

Intellectual profile- Jasmine Lewis

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

My name is Jasmine Lewis and I am currently a sophomore majoring in studio art. I am also in the process of declaring art history as a second major. Continue reading

Terry Smith paragraphs (JasmineLewis)

What is Contemporary Art?, by Terry Smith seeks to create a dialogue about how to define contemporary art. Smith takes a multifaceted approach to contemporary art, delving into various elements that shape its very nature. Initially taking the concept at face value, contemporary art is considered in relation to the environment in which it manifests. The world has become increasingly globalized and fast past. Information is readily available to the masses and it allows new, emerging ideas to spread quickly and to many areas. This idea of culture and globalization seems to be somewhat central to Smiths discussion of contemporary art, as well as contemporary art’s relation to history.

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