CUAM Keeping it Real

Jeffrey Lubbers

April 30th

Exhibition Paper

CUAM Keeping it real

Keeping it Real an exhibition of Korean artists at the CU Art Museum, has developed a connotation around the subject, as being the “Korean Art Show.” When meandering through the exhibits and discussing it with the people I was with, we came to the conclusion that there is nothing inherently “Korean” about the exhibits.  Continue reading

Claire Zitzow

Jeffrey Lubbers

Artist Lecture

Due 4/30/12

Kiri Van Lil

Claire Zitzow is an incredible artist that works in a field that typically combines sculpture and video art, using the history of the land around her to guide the work in many contextual levels; sometimes very subtly other times it is the driving influence behind her work. For Claire land is a place that has been embedded with history, that projects and reflects things back to people. Continue reading

Stills Paper Lubbers

Clyfford Stills Paper

Lubbers intellectual profile

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

Im a Senior this year planning on graduating next December but more likely it will be next may due to the amount of classes I wish to take. I am studying psychology and Studio Arts with an emphasis in ceramics but I consider my self more a sculptor than a ceramicist. Within my interest of psychology I have a passion for acoustical perception. I hope someday to possibly be doing research in this field, to be involve in acoustical engineering, and maybe teaching art at a high school level.

Continue reading

Smith Paper

Terry Smith starts off the chapter by trying to define what contemporary art is. He does this by providing a system in which contemporary art exists, contemporary art existing as a response to the world around the artists; but being more broadly defined as the art that exists within the institution of art. Smith states on pg. 245 that contemporary means “not, ‘to be with time’ but ‘to be out of time'” meaning contemporary art Continue reading