Middle Eastern Art- Kathryn Anderson ec

I really enjoyed the lecture on Middle Eastern Art and Diaspora.  Focusing on Middle Eastern woman in the middle east seems like it would be a contradiction given the fact that their right to communicate and express themselves is so limited.  Learning about these woman and the various ways they attempted to connect with their culture or distance themselves was very influential to me.  They could either let their status as an Iranian or a Pakestani woman be all that they were or it was just a portion of their identity and what their art meant.  Continue reading

Jeff Koons Color Inspiration- Kathryn Anderson

This semester I have taken World Art 2, Foundations and Contemporary Art.  Throughout the semester these classes have overlapped and given me the tools to really examine what kind of art I really connect with and what artists really inspire me.  There are many artists that have skill and creativity that I would never execute.  Jeff Koons for example has the ideas to execute projects with such pop and awe. Continue reading

Kathryn Anderson Dintenfass

Marylyn was a very clear, organized and methodical artist.  When I walked down to the second row of the auditorium I was one of four people there.  Two of whom I came with.  It was obvious that this was going to be an intimate setting.  Dintenfass walked over to every person in the room, asked them their name, interest in art and what they were doing in Boulder or at the lecture that night.  I enjoyed that the setting, it was very personal although, I wish more people had attended because she was a really interesting artist with practical advice and knowledge to share.  Continue reading

Kathryn Anderson- Janine Antoni

Kathryn Anderson

Janine Antoni

March 6, 2012

When I first walked into the auditorium Antoni had images of her own nipple impression and baby bottle nipple impression projected onto the screen.  At first it wasn’t clear what I was looking at and this questioning created a build up and anticipation for the lecture to begin so I could discover what was being blown up so large on the projector.  There was a buzz with the people around me all wondering what the images were and what they could possibly mean.  Continue reading

Kathryn Anderson Edible?

Kathryn Anderson

Contemporary Art

Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art

Viviane Le Courtois: Edible?


Besides the fact that I love food, the way its grown, various preparations and actually eating it, Viviane Le Courtois’ Edible?, really shone as a fascinating exhibit.   Initially running into BMoca for break from working at the Farmers Market, I immediately slowed down and looked around to see lots of green, kombucha and sun lamps shining down onto plants.  The natural colors that surrounded me seemed initially so unnatural in the white box of the museum.  The outdoors had joined me inside and created a structured, planned and detailed mini nature inside.  The green herbs color was so soothing and energetic at the same time.  Not only was the exhibit about greens, herbs and the earth but about waste, over eating, and candy.  It was quite fitting that Courtois explains that many of her works confront the issues around waste and environmentalism.  Continue reading

The Rape of Europa, Kathryn Anderson

I watched The Rape of Europa over the past two nights.  I would really suggest watching it if you have some time and are interested in the World Wars at all.   I was really enlightened and surprised to hear about the Nazi’s looting from the art perspective.  I had no idea the turmoil and destruction that went on throughout the wars on artistic culture.  The documentary traveled through each portion of Europe that was looted touching on Paris, Florence, Poland, and Russia and other museums.  What was so amazing was the magnitude of what was stolen. Continue reading

Clyfford Still- Kathryn Anderson

Kathryn Anderson

January 30, 2012

Art History 3539-001

Kira van Lil 

Giving Painting’s a Living Spirit

            I invited my roommate to come with me to the Clyfford Still museum.  I thought it would be interesting to ask others what they thought of the work and just compare notes.  As we were looking at 1951 B, great blue one, she asked me, “What does this mean to you?  What was Still trying to say?”  To me, Still’s art isn’t so much about what the pieces are trying to say, but how they make me feel.  This concept started to make more sense to her after reading a quote from Still, “I never wanted color to be color, I never wanted texture to be texture, images to become shapes.  I wanted them all to fuse into a living spirit.” Continue reading

Intellectual Profile- Kathryn Anderson

  1. I am a Psychology and Studio Art major.  I have always wanted to become an Art Therapist and work with children.  I have a focus in ceramics.  I love working with clay and molding it into anything that I can imagine.  Psychology always forced me to analyze and think about the different way that people function, especially children.  I think they are an extremely unappreciated population.  I am looking forward to combining my passion for art and psychology. Continue reading

Smith Paragraph

Reading Smith’s article really forced me to address my own ideas on what Contemporary art is and what defines a movement?  Smith points out the issue of time, audience, collective thought and continuity between the pieces and artists.  It seems that without eyes and ears in the future there is no way to define Contemporary art.  It encompasses so many mediums and styles that creating a uniform definition would be near to impossible.  Smith points out that Contemporary art struggles with pleasing all of the audiences who have their eyes on the work.  There are the students, the curators, the critics and even political figures who all want to see the art that floats towards their agenda.

Continue reading