Exhibition Paper-Viviane Le Courtis

Viviane Le Courtis has made her mark on the art world by connecting her art to everyday life in a way that is hard to ignore. Viviane has been creating process based and Continue reading

Lawrence Argent Lecture Review

The Big Blue Bear at the Denver Convention Center has become a symbol for the city, and arguably for all of Colorado, since its creation in 2005. It was a great opportunity  Continue reading

Nao Bustamante-Lecture Review

Known for her outrageous, hilarious, and often sexual performances, Nao Bustamante has been hiking her way through Body Art and Performance art for more than a decade.  Continue reading

Clyfford Still

Abstract Expressionism is said to b Continue reading

Intellectual Profile-Larkin Jameson

1. This is my third year here at CU. I am studying biochemistry but after taking a semester off I’ve decided to take some different classes this semester just to sort of see what else is out there.. Continue reading

Terry Smith

“What is Contemporary Art”, an article by Terry Smith attempts to create an actual historical analysis defining contemporary art as opposed to defining the  nature by, as he says, way of show and tell. Smith goes on to explain that contemporary art cannot, in fact, be defined by a single explanation. He addresses many different and often conflicting definitions by other historians and curators. Much of these definitions being relatively vague and interpretive. It seemed to be agreed however that contemporary artists are always forced to deal with the fact that the present culture is the most visual in history.

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