“What is Contemporary Art?” Response- mark lewenauer

Terry Smith writes that contemporary art is a worldwide phenomenon, closely tied to industries such as fashion and design.  Smith feels contemporary art is very important to the community itself, and the world.  Post-modernism may be synonymous with contemporary art.  Smith’s major distinction between historical and contemporary art is the fact that contemporary art is not complete yet.  Modern art is thought to be a completely ended era.  Contemporary art is still forming, and thus is everything we presently do, make, say, think.  There is no formal definition, because the period is not over and considered historical.  Smith states that minimalism and conceptualism have no real successors in historical art, and are scenes that belong to post-modern, contemporary art.

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Intellectual Profile- mark lewenauer

  1. 1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

    i am a senior, studying finance in the leeds school of business. its a drag sometimes, but im all done in may.

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