TYPE A: A New Way

When I walked into TYPE A: GUARDED, I was very intrigued at what TYPE A had in store for me. The room is vast, white, and blank except for the neon guards holding guns lined upon the wall in red, white, and blue. Continue reading

Behind the Scenes at a Punk Rock Show

Bruce Conner and the Primal Scene of Punk Rock puts on an exquisite show for any viewer. Punk rock does not have to be the viewer’s musical taste for this to be a great show (no pun intended). Continue reading

More American Photographs

More American Photographs is currently an exhibit on display currently in the MCA Denver. I travelled down to Denver over this last week to visit this very interesting exhibition. The exhibit was filled with various artists who all took a different take on how the think American photographs can be captured. Continue reading

An Evening with Nao Bustamante


Sitting in the audience of Nao Bustamante’s presentation, I did not expect to see such a great performance. To start things off, Bustamante goes off on a rant including phrases such as “ I wasn’t supposed to be an artist” and “there had to have been a mistake”. This was all just a part of her performance in which she next admitted to the audience that there had been no mistake and she was actually here to hypnotize all of us. Bustamante sees hypnotizing her audience as a way to build a strong relation so that we are able to view the art as she does and to feel the emotion that she has. “As corny as it sounds, art is the only place I could exhibit myself” said Bustamante, Continue reading

Fredrick Jameson

On February 23rd I went to the artist visiting lecture featuring Fredrick Jameson. Jameson currently is teaching at Duke University where covers many topics including cinema, modernism, post modernity as a whole, and philosophy as a symptom of art.  Modernism is a period that is over and done with, post modernity is the new historical movement that is considered to have started around 1980. Post modernity as a whole is a way of thinking and constructivism.

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Clyfford Still – Margaret Corcoran

Margaret Corcoran

January 29, 2012

Clyfford Still

I never wanted color to be color, texture to be texture, images to become shapes. I wanted them all to fuse into a living spirit.” –Clyfford Still

The artwork that created by Clyfford Still is in a style that he had developed as a means to separate himself from the art that had become mainstream and formulate a new genre, Abstract Expressionism, for which he is credited as an originator. As a founding father for the new artistic progression, Still gained worldwide recognition for his artwork. Still’s work had been held out of societies viewing due to his own wishes to exit the conventional art world. The opening of the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver allows the world to experience the magnitude of the art that he created while viewing the work in Still’s intended setting.  Continue reading

Intellectual Profile (Margaret Corcoran)

  1. I am currently double majoring in Business and Art History. I enjoy the logic that goes along with Business and I like to let my creative inspirational side flow with Art History.
  2. In October I travelled to St. Louis for a wedding and was able to go to the St. Louis Art Museum to see the Monet Exhibit. The exhibit was quite overwhelming with the mass amount of beautiful pieces that hung from floor to ceiling.  Continue reading

Terry Smith Paragraphs

Terry Smith’s “What is Contemporary Art?” centers around the question that many ask themselves, and that is: How can Contemporary Art be defined? Smith is confronted with the issue that Contemporary Art is everywhere and it is hard to differentiate between pieces that fall into its category. While other scholars discussed in the article, such as Timms and Stallabrass, put definitions to Contemporary Art, Smith is always drawn back to the point that such a broad topic cannot be defined in such a simple manner.

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