Le Courtois Exhibit (Chanel Host)

MarlenaChanel Host

ARTH 3539 Van Lil

BMOCA Exhibition


Tea Time with Le Courtois

Vivian Le Courtois is a French born artist who has been working with food as both a medium and inspiration for her artworks for over 22 years. She now works around the world, but lives and teaches in Denver. Her interest in food and other objects of daily life concerns the social connotations, and often times, injustices that can be suggested by these items.

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Lawrence Argent Review (Chanel Host)

Chanel Host

ARTH 3539 Van Lil

Artist Lecture: Lawrence Argent


Lawrence Argent’s lecture was intriguing particularly in relation to our class discussion about public art. Argent’s perspective as an artist of public works was complimentary to Erika Doss’ lecture on public art and memorials. Continue reading

Erika Doss Lecture Review

Marlena Chanel Host

Erika Doss’ lecture on “Cultural Vandalism and Public Memory,” turned out to be very intriguing. Though its long title was suggestive of several broad ideas, Doss was able to draw these together effectively into a very insightful and clear lecture. Her discussion was centered on a socially contested piece of public art, Reynaldo Rivera’s ‘Juan de Onate’ sculpture. Though she used this sculpture and the acts of vandalism and dispute surrounding it as the focal point of her argument, her lecture was very wide reaching and encompassed several examples and ideas concerning the heated responses to art as a reflection of anger in contemporary American society. Continue reading

Clyfford Still Museum- Marlena Host

Marlena Host

ARTH 3539 Van Lil

Clyfford Still essay


Entering the Clyfford Still Museums for the first time I was immediately caught off guard by the striking difference between his early and later works.  As I ascended the stairs to the gallery I saw Still’s familiar self-portrait.

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What is Contemporary art

Terry Smith’s article “What is Contemporary Art?” first suggests the importance of asking and investigating the articles very title, what is contemporary art?  Smith begins many of his own conceptions be prefacing them with the leading ideas of other scholars. This mode of inquiry is very sturdy and provides a rich exploration of what contemporary art is discussed as, in contrast to Smith’s personal claims of what he sees contemporary art as. Smith reveals one of the most popular approaches to understanding contemporary art that is to view it as ‘post historical.’ The very word contemporary describes time rather than the work itself, such as the case with for example abstract expressionism. Since time is specifically referenced in the word contemporary it would follow that the art being categorized is perpetually new and can therefore never become historical. This among other reasons Smith points out is what makes the study and articulation of contemporary art so challenging. A second problem with the artwork itself is its broad production worldwide, many people are making diverse works which cannot be categorized together under any sort of genre title. Smith provides one idea that it is perhaps this accessibility and widespread production of images which are unclassifiable that might later categorize the art of out generation in the future.

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Intellectual Profile (Chanel Host)

Intellectual Profile: Chanel Host

1. I am an avid learner; I enjoy school and have a variety of intellectual interests. I find my biggest problem with school is wanting to learn too much about too many subjects, and being unable to focus on only one field.  I am currently a senior majoring in English. I chose to study English because I have so many intellectual interests I was having trouble choosing just one field of study. I found that through English I was best able to investigate other fields such as art history, creative writing, anthropology, psychology, sociology, and religious studies. In my final semester of college I find myself torn between wanting to graduate and move on to life beyond school and wanting to stay in school forever. I am currently applying to graduate schools to study art management and museum studies. Though I am an English major I have always know that career-wise I see myself in the art world.

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