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Viviane Le Courtois exhibition

contemp art paper edible


The “Dancers”: A great piece of art! extra credit


After the discussion that took place of “The Dancers” statue in front of the Denver Performing Arts Center, I would like to post my opinion.

First, being a theatre major, I look at this statue with awe. Many times in theatre, like in art, there is a meaning behind the action or a message for the audience. Whither or not people like or do not like this statue, people can yet agree that it is a “talking point.” These talking points could be as basic as where the Denver Performing Arts Center is. Not knowing my way around Denver much, the first time I had to go to the DPAC (Denver Performing Arts Center) for a class, someone gave me directions to find the “Dancers” (the statue is around 60 feet high and very white. One cannot miss this statue. ) and from then on, I could easily find the DPAC.

For the people who need a historical background, the statue was put in 2003 by Jonathon Borofsky after a commission from the city of Denver. This “park” where the statue was placed in is called after maybe careful thought, the “Statue Park.” “The Dancers” were to replace a large fountain that had been vandalized repeatedly. Now, there hasn’t been reports of or much vandalism since then.

Clyfford Still

After visiting the Clyfford Still Museum, one can understand a bit more about abstraction and expressionism. I am often reminded of my earlier art classes where the teacher or professor would focus more on realism and if anything was abstract in any way, it would result in a poor grade. So, when I began to research about Clyfford Still for this class, I soon became determined to learn more about abstract expressionism perhaps to be rebellious of these previous professors. Continue reading

Smith Paragraphs

The idea of “contemporary art” is a recent view of art in the past 30+ years that has been really hard to define. To many scholars, to name it“contemporary” is putting a general definition on something that needs to be specific. Smith, however, fights this idea by saying that the definition of contemporary is to “be out of time” (pg. 245)

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Megan McDermott’s Intellectual Post

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.
I am a senior in the theatre dept. My focus is more towards performance and building props for a show. I have a passion for photography and history. A little known fact about me is that whenever I am stressed, I start researching the most random things I can think of.

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