Amelia Jones: Review of Visiting Scholar – Morgan Rice

Review on Visiting Scholar Lecture – Amelia Jones

Morgan Rice

I attended the lecture “Queer Feminist Durationality”given by Amelia Jones. The lecture was split into three parts, and in each part she ended the section by bringing the conversation back to her main point. In the Continue reading

Museum Visit (CU Art Museum) – Morgan Rice

Museum Visit Paper

Morgan Rice

For this paper, I visited “Keeping it Real: Korean Artists in the Age of Multi-Media Representation” at the CU art museum. My first impression of this show was positive, and there were a few works I was immediately drawn to more than others. The ones that I found at first to be the most interesting were the sculpture pieces, both a big cat made out of car tires, and what appeared to be Continue reading

Visiting Artist Lecture: Lesley Flanigan

Morgan Rice

Visiting Artist Lecture: Lesley Flanigan

I found this lecture especially interesting because this artist works with sound and voice, but reasons it in her head in an visual way. She described sound, to her, as being something that she could feel and manipulate, much like a sculpture. Her background was in singing, which she has done since she was very young. However, she ended up getting her degree in sculpture, which she said Continue reading

Clyfford Still paper

Experiencing Clyfford Still’s Work in Person

The first thing that stood out to me was not actually one of his paintings. Before entering the main part of the museum, I noticed Still’s paints and palette knives set out in a display case. This was interesting to me because a lot of painters use a palette knife to compliment work done with a brush. I get the impression from Still’s use of thick paint and general shapes that he uses a brush very infrequently, Continue reading

Morgan Rice Intellectual Profile

1.   I am a studio art major, and I admit that when I was deciding on a major the decision came quickly for me.  Art has always been something I was extremely interested in, so it only made sense to pursue it beyond high school.  I definitely enjoy studio classes the most of any I take, and I have felt that studio time with good instruction and critique has been crucial for my skills in art.  Beyond that, I have tried a variety of different classes in many different fields and have enjoyed most of them. Continue reading

Morgan Rice’s 3 paragraphs from Terry Smith

In this essay, Terry Smith describes a lot of what contemporary art is not. He says that it is not a traditional movement like those that we are used to, nor is it completely a specific point in time. It is not a certain style or pattern, and it is not the aesthetic of a particular culture. He then makes a lot of interesting points that get the reader closer to the definition of contemporary art. Contemporary art, he states, acknowledges the present, the here and now, and the non lasting idea of the here and now. Contemporary art is being generated all over the world in many different ways, and is not tied specifically to one culture or another. It is extremely diverse, both in the content of the work and the medium chosen to create it with. Another point that Smith brings up is that contemporary art is produced sometimes very quickly for mass audiences, and the artists who make it are making it younger, and it is being exhibited more quickly than ever before.

Continue reading