Cindy Sherman Thoughts

Cindy Sherman is an American photographer born in New Jersey who uses herself as the subject of her work, dressing up as various female characters in order to question their role in society. I really enjoy the concept of her work, especially because it deals with women. However, I personally feel that some of the characters she portrays are all a mock on that type of person in society in a negative way, they hardly ever look realistic and even frightening at times.

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Yoko Ono- Thoughts on “Cut Piece”

Yoko Ono is a Japanese artist who makes avant-garde art and performance art, but also is a peace activist and is married to one of the members of the Beatles, John Lennon. One of her works we talked about in class was “Cut Piece,” which I found to be a pretty interesting performance piece. In the piece, the artist wears a black dress and invites the audience members to come on stage and cut a piece of her clothing off with the scissors that rest in front of her. Continue reading

Chris Burden- “Shoot”

Chris Burden “Shoot”

Chris Burden’s piece “Shoot” caught my attention when I first saw it because it

was such an out there piece that involved physical harm to the artist voluntarily. The characteristics of the piece are well planned except for the actual shot and where it hits the artist. The setting is within a gallery in an open space to transform the horrible thought of a person being shot into a new light, as art. Continue reading

Analysis on “I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much” by Pipilotti Rist

Analysis on “I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much” by Pipilotti Rist

(Romney Smith)

“I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much,” is a contemporary piece in the form of a video by Pipilotti Rist, an artist from Switzerland who works with illustration, commercial art, and photography.

The video begins with a blurred image of a girl with shoulder length hair and red lips singing “I’m Not The Girl Who Misses Much, doi doi do do do do, do do.” She repeats it again and again and each time it gets faster and higher pitched and then goes back to the first tone. She backs away from the camera and begins to dance back and forth as if crazed and taken over by her words. Her voice has been sped up, as have her movements to portray a dramatic and crazed person, which is further emphasized by her black dress that allows her breasts to hang out freely and bounce around as she dances mechanically. Continue reading

Lawrence Argent Lecture Review

Romney Smith

Artist Lecture: Lawrence Argent

Lawrence Argent is an artist who uses a variety of mediums to create pieces that interact with the world and how we see it. In his lecture at the Denver Art Museum, he focused on his public art installation pieces. The first thing I noticed about him was his English accent and the sense of humor that came with it when he stated he had a tattoo of a big blue bear on his chest. Continue reading

Viviane Le Courtois, Edible? exhibition paper

bmoc a paper- viviane courtois, edible? exhibition

Visiting Artist Kakyoung Lee

Visiting Artist: Kakyoung Lee

 I saw Kakyoung Lee’s artist lecture during my studio arts class. She is an artist who was born and raised in South Korea and moved to the United States after college; she now resides in New York with her husband and two children. The first photos of her work she presented were her early pieces she made in college, which I liked more than her later and recent pieces.They represented herself, and her “surroundings and daily life,” in Korea. The focus of the work is of Korean individuals that have a very stylized and cartoonish look to them. Continue reading

Visiting Artist Lecture- Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes came to visit CU and did a lecture for a few studio art classes, one of which I was fortunate enough to be in. His works consist of his drawings which he then transforms into prints and they have a sense of gloom and imagination about them. I found his works to be disturbing yet fascinating and he was very interesting to listen to as he is very passionate about what he does.  Continue reading

Visiting Artist Arlene Shechet -Romney Smith

Visiting Artist Paper: Arlene Shechet

Romney Smith

Arlene Shechet is an artist that works with ceramics, plaster, and various other materials to create interesting pieces that range from obvious to quite unordinary. I found her lecture to be very personal, it is easy to grasp a sense of her personality and mind just by listening to her talk. Most of her works express the thoughts and feelings in her life. As she flowed through sharing one project to another I found myself continuously astounded by her creativity and out of the box ideas. Continue reading

Postmodernist Art Theory Reading (Rosalind Krauss)-Extra Credit

In the “Postmodernist Art Theory reading by Irving Sandler, there were some ideas by Rosalind Krauss, the editor of the theoretical US art journal called October that I do not agree with. She obviously loved works that embraced mechanical media and especially photography. Yet I feel that her magazine must have been highly opinionated and discriminatory against other art mediums. She opposed artists that painted or produced hand-made objects.

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Sam Gathercole Reading- extra credit

I disagree with the statement of Marxist Fredric Jameson that the  avant-garde is “inappropriate” for the 1970s. I feel that the 70’s were a time perhaps not as chaotic as the 60’s but was still a decade of change and experimentation in society and the art world. I think avant-garde art would have been a good way to express personal emotions about the happenings in society and a way to spread awareness through art, maybe even by using propaganda in art. Therefore I would say that I do agree with the argument of Bertolt Brecht that Jameson was reevaluating. Avant-Garde strays away from the norm and during a time of such change and hostility and war aftermath, I would say it is a fitting genre for the era.

Clyfford Still Paper-Romney Smith

clyfford still paper

ARTH 3539

Clyfford Still Paper

Romney Smith

January 28, 2012

Mark Rothko Extra Credit-Romney Smith

Mark Rothko, “No. 3”

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Intellectual Profile- Romney Smith

1. I am currently a sophomore and a studio art major. I’m still up in the air as to where I would like to go with my studies, but for now I am enjoying experimenting with different mediums. I like to paint and I love photography, in fact one of my dreams is to travel the world and work for National Geographic, taking photos, and exploring and writing about different cultures. If I were to add another major it would probably be English, because I enjoy literature and creative writing.

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Smith article

What is contemporary art? It is art that is ever changing through the decades and reflects what is occurring around the artist during that time. It can be a reflection of events in society to present and past history, it is considered “always present but without a past or future.” Museums and media help to spread the awareness of artistic movements and works which is good for society because the minds of people deserve to be fed knowledge beyond what words can say. Smith mentioned that contemporary art can be the end of an era of history or the start, however it is still timeless.

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