Visiting Artist

I missed the last lecture I was going to attend because of an unexpected time change, so I just checked out a visiting artist DVD from the VRC and wrote my paper on that. Continue reading

Keeping It Real

Keeping It Real

Korean art is comprised of many different influences, motifs, and mediums, which is what the exhibit “Keeping it Real. Korean Artists in the Age of Multi-Media Representation” at the CU Art Museum really conveyed to me. Continue reading

Janine Antoni – Extra Credit Post

The Visiting Artist Lecture on Tuesday was Janine Antoni, an artist that I have studied and read about in the past, and one of the bigger names that I have seen here at CU. Continue reading

Visiting Scholar – Joan Kee

I attended Joan Kee’s lecture “Ming Wong’s Cultural Studies” on February 14, 2012.  Joan Kee is a professor at the University of Michigan whose studies in art focus mainly on contemporary east asian painting, but she also has a law degree from Harvard and has studied art’s relationship with the law, which I find very interesting.  Her lecture on the 14th was primarily on Ming Wong, a contemporary performance artist from Singapore.  Ming Wong’s pieces are most often reproductions of scenes from cinema or theater in which he replaces the characters with himself and other actors and/or actresses.  Wong’s performances, according to Kee, are an examination of identity. She stresses that this does not necessarily refer to self identity and expression, but to a broader cultural, linguistic, and gender based idea of identity. Continue reading

Our Generation’s Re-Acceptance of Aesthetic Values – EC Post

When thinking  about Postmodernism and whether or not I feel its values have remained relevant to my generation, I can see both sides; that it still persists as the main theory of our thinking and that it has become obsolete.

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Clyfford Still Paper – Rose Kalasz

Clyfford Still is a name that remains synonymous with the defining movement of the 1950’s, Abstract Expressionism.  However, seeing such a large body of work by Still, and only Still, at the Clyfford Still Museum opened my eyes to the growth of the artist and the themes that resonated throughout his entire career as a painter.  Continue reading

Terry Smith Response

Terry Smith’s article asks the question “What is Contemporary Art?” in terms of defining characteristics and styles, and even at times questions if there is such a thing as Contemporary Art on its own, or if there are just extensions of Modern Art waiting to be defined by art historians in years to come.  Continue reading

Intellectual Profile

1. I am working on a BA in Art History and in Digital Art, and I have a completed minor in Russian.  In terms of Art History, my interests are primarily Modern and Contemporary Art.  I really love early modern art from the first half of the 20th century like cubism, surrealism, ect., and in terms of Contemporary art I have been very interested in Contemporary Asian and Indian art recently.  I also have a lot of interest in the idea of street art and craft emerging as “credible” art forms and the debates surrounding those subjects.

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