Yves Saint Laurent: The Restrospective

Susan Walicki, exhibit review

Yves Saint Laurent at the Denver Art Museum

            The Yves Saint Laurent: the retrospective exhibit at the Denver Art Museum is a retrospective of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent. This exhibit displays Saint Laurent’s designs through the pass of time in which he tailored to the needs of women, and is inspired by women. Yves Saint Laurent was born August first, 1936 in Oran Algeria. He was a French fashion designer considered to be among the greatest of the twentieth century. Yves’ designs are created for women and are inspired by women. He created designs for the contemporary women of his time. “The most important thing for Saint Laurent is not to follow or precede, but to always be of his time. Not the past, not the future, just at the fight place.” (Dam, 1998) Continue reading

Susan Walicki on Janine Antoni

Susan Walicki, artist lecture review

Janine Antoni

            Janine Antoni is an artist from the Bahamas working with her body and material to create sculptures that incorporate the use of her body and the process of performance in works that reflect culture, the history of art and the presence of the self. Continue reading

art historian leacure, Susan Walicki on Heidi Gearhard

Susan Walicki, visiting art historian lecture response

Heidi Gearhard
Is there Virtue in Virtuosity? Art and Skill in the Medieval Monastery

            Heidi Gearhard examines the value and virtuosity of art created in monasteries through studying texts from Theopolis. The Theopolis texts are medieval texts with instructions for artistic techniques done in the monastery including painting, stained glass, and metal smithing. These texts examine both the processes by which a monk can create art as well as the method a monk should use to create in terms creating art as a practice of worship. Continue reading

Clyfford Still, by Susan Walicki

Susan Walicki
Clyfford Still
The work of Clyfford Still embodies a variety of pieces that display his thought progress and development as an artist from pieces that exhibit all the formal qualities of a classically trained artist to mural sized paintings that incite sublimity.
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Susan Walicki- Intellectual Profile

Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.
I’m a junior here at CU working on a degree in studio art, and ceramics in particular. During my first year at CU I studied engineering, but never enjoyed it enough and decided to pursue my passion in art. Outside of the art department, I have especially liked classes in anthropology and philosophy.

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