Viviane Le Courtois: Edible? Exhibition paper

Viviane Le Courois held a collection of works at the Boulder Contemporary Art Museum. The title of this work is called “Edible? Twenty Two Years of Working with Food.” Continue reading

Logan Lecture Series: Lawrence Argent

            Lawrence Argent participated as a guest lecturer for the Logan Lecture Series held at the Denver Art Museum. In his lecture, he decided to focus on the values of Public art in the sense of culture, emotion, feeling and the mastery of technique and material. Continue reading

Janine Antoni

Janine Antoni is an artist from the Bahamas. She was born there in 1964. She moved to America and received her BA from Sarah Lawrence College in New York and later received her MFA from the Rhode Island school of Design in 1989. Continue reading

Clyfford Still Paper Jacob Vasquez

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Jacob Vasquez Profile

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.

I’m a Studio arts major with a focus in Photography with a double major in Art History. I’m very interested in Photography and digital art and the use of the mediums to manipulate photos. I’m currently working on post-apocalyptic photos using photography and photoshop to add elements that haven’t happened or give a sense of what can happen in the future. In art history, I am very interested in Pre-Columbian and Meso-American art history as well as Latin American artists. Continue reading

Jacob Vasquez Smith Post

The Smith article discusses the confusing debate that is Contemporary Art. It describes that it is very hard for curators and art historians to identify what and where Contemporary art began. One statement that caught my eye was the use of the word “before” in quotations and it brought up the question “what was art before it was contemporary?”

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