How to use this blog:

  • Once you have created your wordpress profile, log in to the blog via the Meta/Log link at the top of the second column.
  • This gets you to the Dashboard, which differs significantly from the actual blog appearance. It is only from the dashboard that you can post to the blog. So make sure you log in each time.
  • To see the actual blog appearance, click on the Blog Title in the top left corner
  • To get from the blog to the dashboard, click on Site Admin in the left column, or go on the blog title which opens several quick actions for you, like Dashboard, or New / Post.

Write a Post: Again, you need to be logged in and you need to be on the Dashboard. In the left column go to Posts, then New.  When you are done writing your post, you need to click on the Publish button on the right hand side of your post.  Only then everyone can see it. You also have the option to not publish it yet but Save Draft and publish later. Always check whether it appears o th blog!

If you plan on writing a longer post, you should do so in a word document, then copy and paste into the blog. The reason: If your internet connection is volatile, you might loose what you have written. Don’t use any editing tools as they might get lost when pasted to the post; edit after pasting it.

You can also preview your post before you publish it (Preview button on the top right). Remember that the preview is not yet a published post!

Whenever you can, include a link to another page (chain symbol in the editing toolbar). You need to mark a word or several words in your text that the link can be linked to. These words will then appear underlined and highlighted in color. Check the box that offers to “Open link in a new window”.

Before you publish your post, make sure you add tags and select categories! See below.

You can see all of your posts and drafts when you go to Users on the dashboard  (left column, towards the bottom). Each user appears in a row, along with the number of posts he/she has created. Clicking on this number will give you a list of your posts. You can edit them from here even after you have published them (in case you find typos).

TAGS: Tags help to organize your post and make it easier for readers to find it.  On the right of the post box, there is a section titled TAGS.  Just type in some keywords for your post and they will then be listed with all other posts’ tags in the right hand column on the main page.

CATEGORIES are fewer than tags. They are essential for the instructor to find your required submissions (papers, power points, reviews). If you feel a new category is needed, please ask instructor to add it.

Write a COMMENT: On the main page, all you need to do is click on the title of the post you want to comment on and then scroll down to the bottom of the page.  There will be an empty box that you can type your comment in.  When you are done typing, just hit SUBMIT COMMENT.

SEARCH for a topic: There are two ways you can do this: first, you can simply type in the subject or keyword that you want to search for within the blog in the search bar at the upper right hand corner of the main page and hit search. If you are looking for an inspiration what to look for, you can scroll down to the tags section found in the right hand column on the main page and search through the tags that are linked as key words to the posts.  When you find the key word you are looking for just click on that tag and all posts that have that word within them will show up. If you want to check the assignments others have submitted, search in the categories.

UPLOAD images and Word documents.

  • Options to upload are directly above the editing toolbar where it says: Upload / Insert. The first icon is the option to upload media (images, word.doc, pdfs).
  • When you have selected your image or document, make sure you hit the button “File URL” so that the URL appears. It seems like you only have to do that once, and then it becomes your default.
  • For most of the images, the size “medium” at the very bottom should do – don’t upload images that are very big!

4 Responses

  1. how do you create your world press profile?

  2. Where and how do I log into the meta/log link???? I’m not finding it anywhere when I’m logged into my WordPress profile. I’ve tried multiple different things..

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