2 reviews of artist / art historian lectures
2 pages, due April 30

For art history majors: review of one Visiting Scholar lecture and one review of an artist lecture, either at CU or at the Denver Art Museum.

For studio majors: 2 reviews of an artist lecture, one at CU and one at the Denver Art Museum.

Majors outside of the Department of Art and Art History pick from the three lecture series:

Visiting Artist Lecture Series at CU
Tuesday nights, 7 pm, VAC 1B20

Feb. 7: Arlene Sechet
Feb. 21: Aki Sasamoto
March 6: Janine Antoni
April 3: Nao Bustamente
April 24: Leslie Flanagan

Logan Lectures at the Denver Art Museum
Wednesday nights, 7 pm, entrance fee

Jan. 18: Martha Daniels
Feb. 21: Aki Sasamoto
March 21: Richard Tuttle
April 18: Lawrence Argent

Visiting Scholar series at CU
Tuesdays, 5 pm, Hale 270

Jan 31: Erika Doss
Cultural Vandalism and Public Memory: Anger, Citizenship, and Memorials in Contemporary America

Feb. 14: Joan Kee
Ming Wong’s Cultural Studies

Feb. 28: Heidi Gearhard
Is there Virtue in Virtuosity? Art and Skill in the Medieval Monastery

March 20: Wu Hung
Engaging the Real: The Three Gorges Dam and Contemporary Chinese Art
April 17: Amelia Jones
Queer Feminist Durationality: The Trace of the Subject in Contemporary Art

2 Responses

  1. Can non-majors do 2 of the same type of lecture? I was thinking about doing 2 Logan Lectures…

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