all 1.5 spaced

Note: Spelling / grammar errors will result in a lowered grade. Have a friend proofread your paper.


After you have written and posted your papers, you are required to read and comment on two papers written by one of your fellow students. If you don’t publish 2 comments per paper within the set deadline, the grade for you own paper will be lowered. This applies only to the exhibition reviews, not to the lecture reviews. Altogether, post a comment on four exhibition reviews.

If you missed the deadline, post the papers anyway. You will receive at least some credit.

The final deadline for everything you want to post (papers, extra-credits) is Sunday, May 6, midnight.


1) Paper on Clyfford Still

4 pages, due Jan. 31, 6 am, 2 comments on other papers due before class Jan. 31

Visit the Clyfford Still Museum on your own. Describe the artistic development from the early works to the classic pieces of Colorfield Painting / Abstract Expressionism. Pick three works that you describe in detail so that it becomes clear that you have seen the works in person; this is crucial for paintings by Still. Take advantage of the educational material in the museum and conduct some research that informs your paper.

 2) Paper on an exhibition of Contemporary Art in Denver or Boulder

4 pages, due April 30

Describe what the show conveys and what your personal impression is.  Pick a few works and describe them in detail. Do some research beyond what is readily available in the show and let this inform your paper.

Ed Rusha, On the Road (paintings relating to Kerouac’s book)
at the Denver Art Museum, closing April 22


More American Photographs
at MCA Denver, opening March 1


Viviane Le Courtois: Edible?
at BMoca Boulder, opening Feb. 23


Keeping it Real. Korean Artists in the Age of Multi-Media Representation Exhibition
at CUAM Boulder, opening Feb. 3

3 & 4) 2 reviews of artist / art historian lectures

2 pages per paper, due April 30

For art history majors: review of one Visiting Scholar lecture and one review of an artist lecture, either at CU or at the Denver Art Museum.

For studio majors: 2 reviews of an artist lecture, one at CU and one at the Denver Art Museum.

Majors outside of the Department of Art and Art History pick from the three lecture series:

  1. Visiting Artist lecture series at CU
  2. Logan Lectures at the Denver Art Museum
  3. Visiting Scholar series at CU


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