Assigned readings for each week are posted in the schedule, including a link to the PDF on the resources blog, which also offers further readings and additional material. Some of the posts with PDFs of texts are password protected; the password is revealed in class.

In order to find the assigned readings for each week directly on the resources blog, search for Course Readings or Week 1 (or the according week).

9 Responses

  1. where do we post our three paragraphs on the Terry Smith reading?

    • Rocio,

      You need to click on “ARTH3539-001″ in the upper left corner. Scroll to “New” and then to “Post”. Categories are on the right of the textbox. Please post your paragraphs and categorize it as “Smith Paragraph”.

      Kira is sending out an email soon and I will post a blog tutorial this evening if you need further help.

  2. what are three paragraphs supposed to cover again?

  3. oh never mind i found it. still dont see where to post it though

  4. I also dont get where to post, and we cant create profiles due to the main site being down

  5. if i post this paragraph thing on wordpress how is it going to be able to be viewed by the teacher so i get credit?

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