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Please share your intellectual profile with us. This is a first commitment on your part to the spirit of sharing that this class encourages. Please honor this willingness to share with comments to posts from others

Classes are designed with the assumption that students invest 6-9 hours of work per week for the course outside of the classroom.

It should go without saying that students strive to attend every class session. This
rule will be reinforced. Very short quizzes on the previous lecture or the currently assigned reading will be given at the beginning of class. If you are late and we have no quiz from you, this is an absence.

You are granted three absences; each additional one results in a lowered grade; with more than 6 classes absent you will be failed.

If you miss a class, or if you are late, it is your duty to inquire with your peers about announcements and assignments given in class.

Use of laptops and cell phones
I allow the use of laptops for taking notes or checking class related material online. The use of cell phones is forbidden entirely. Any activity on the laptop that is not class related is prohibited. If I gain the impression that this is happening, I will let the student know and issue a warning. Continued use of the cell phone or of non-class related activity on the laptop results in the expulsion from class.

Off campus
Contemporary Art is a vivid part of our live today. It would be absurd to limit our class to the classroom showing slides. The Denver-Boulder area offers a lot of events that I require students to attend in order to get in touch with real works and real artists, and to be part of the arts community.

There are two artist lecture series that are mandatory for you to attend. Two reviews of an artist lecture are required, one from the Visiting Artist Series at CU and one from the Logan Lectures at the Denver Art Museum; each additional review earns you a 5% grade improvement. Art history majors replace one artist lecture with a lecture from the Visiting Scholar series.

Also mandatory are two exhibition visits in the Denver/Boulder area.

Weekly Readings and Quizzes
This class is heavy on reading assignments that complement the lectures. Reading is your contribution to class. There will be a short quiz almost each session on the assigned readings. Feel free to submit a précis on a reading to earn extra-credit.

The assigned readings as well as further readings and resources are gathered in my blog Contemporary Art Survey, which I have put together hoping that students will be grateful to have further references and read more than is assigned. If you read more, write a post on this class blog with a short reflection on the reading in order to earn credit for your effort.

4 Papers
Further information is here.

Grading ratio
25 quizzes: 30 % (attendance)
2 artist lecture reviews: 10 %
2 short papers: 30 %
2 exams: 30%

You can always improve through extra-credit work by writing
– a précis of a reading
– an additional review of an artist lecture
– an additional paper on an exhibition
– a blogpost with a reflection on a lecture or a reading
– a blogpost on anything happening in the artworld

University Policies


If you qualify for accommodations because of a disability, please submit to me a letter from Disability Services (DS) early in the semester so that your needs may be addressed.  DS determines accommodations based on documented disabilities (303-492-8671, Willard 322,


I shall make every effort to accommodate all students who, because of religious obligations, have conflicts with scheduled assignments or other required attendance, provided you notify me well in advance of the scheduled conflict. Whenever possible, students should notify me at least two weeks in advance of the conflict to request special accommodation, such as an equivalent assignment, or extra-credit assignments to substitute for missed class work, or arranging for increased flexibility in assignment due dates, which strives to maintain a climate of essential fairness to all class members.


The Student Honor Code system has now been implemented in all schools and colleges.

You can see the honor code information at:


You will be asked to pledge your assignments and any student not willing to do so should drop the course during the Add/Drop period. The standard pledge is: “I have neither given nor received aid on this assignment/exam/etc.”

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