Clyfford Still Museum Paper

Alicia Baca


ARTH 3539-001

Kira Van Lil

Clyfford Still Museum Paper

My trip to the Clyfford Still Museum in Denver was a fairly interesting one. Other than what we studied and went over in class, I have never really looked at or seriously studied his works. I will be honest however. As important to the history of American art and to the history of abstract expressionism, I just was not terribly impressed with some of Clyfford Still’s works. Regardless of this I still went through the exhibition hoping that something from his later works would catch my fancy. In the end I still left rather unsatisfied regardless how long I sat in front of certain paintings and tried to contemplate them, I just could not get into them. However, this did not entirely take away from my experience because what I found to be most interesting was how Still evolved as an artist over the course of his lifetime.

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Clyfford Still Paper-Romney Smith

clyfford still paper

ARTH 3539

Clyfford Still Paper

Romney Smith

January 28, 2012

Clyfford Still Paper

Dasha Silva

Clyfford Still Paper

Visiting the Clyfford Still museum in downtown Denver was a particularly interesting experience for me. I had never heard of Still before taking this class, and it was nice to be able to learn so much about him while visiting his museum. Continue reading