CU Exhibit Review- Bruce kenyon

  Bruce Kenyon

Contemporary Art

Exhibit Review

“Keeping It Real: Korean Artists In the Age of Multimedia Representation”

      This exhibit, located at the CU Art Museum, is comprised of various Korean artist’s work. As soon as you enter the museum, even before you get in the official gallery, there is a huge installation on the wall. This piece is called “ Untying Space at the CU Art Museum,” and is by Sun K. Kwak. Her installation is hundreds of pieces of black masking tape and vinyl strips that are stuck on the wall and go from the entrance of the museum up into the corner of the entrance room, and from there go into the exhibit itself and carry on for another twenty feet on a curved wall inside the gallery. Inside the gallery there was a part of this installation that was dark blue, it took me a few times of being in the gallery to notice that.

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