Ed Ruscha’s On The Road By Danielle Mulein

Ed Ruscha: On The Road

Ed Ruscha’s On The Road, previously at the Denver Art Museum, is based on the experiences and adventures referenced in Jack Kerouac’s novel about his 1951 cross- country road trip. Both Ruscha and Kerouac are considered profound voices of the Beat Generation; a cultural phenomenon affiliated with an underground anti-conformist youth movement, usually associated with drug experimentation, androgynous sexuality, non-conformity and spontaneous creativity. Continue reading

Exhibition Paper- Ed Ruscha

Emily Potter

April 24, 2012


Exhibit Paper

Ed Ruscha

At the Denver Art Museum Ed Ruscha’s paintings fill a small area, but expresses much emotion.  His collection On the Road is strongly influenced by Jack Kerouac’s book.  Curators chose to show these pieces in Denver because of its history and atmosphere that fully captured the lines in Kerouac’s novel.  Ruscha’s paintings of mountainous skylines look simple, which is what makes their complexity so interesting. Continue reading

Exhibition Paper – Denver Art Museum

Rocio Ramirez
ARTH 3539
Paper on Exhibition (Denver Art Museum)
Ed Ruscha: On the Road Exhibition

The Ed Ruscha exhibition, “On the Road” named for its focus on the 1957 Jack Kerouac novel was presented in the Denver Art Museum, and has been for the past several months. It not only fulfilled one of the requirements of the class, but also intrigued me, for both the artist at work, Ed Ruscha, and the novel, On the Road. Many said this pairing was effortlessly cohesive, for both artist and writer seemed connected through their choice of work, most notably with their deep interest in the American west.


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