Smith Paragraphs

As displayed in Terry Smith’s “What is Contemporary Art?” the new style, beginning roughly in the 1950s, is almost un-definable, which allows it to be considered contemporary. Unlike former styles of art that are historical accounts of a period, contemporary art does not necessarily reflect any one decade or society from the last 60 years. Alternative mediums, styles, and content make this type of art harder to interpret but more appealing to a mass audience. This wide attraction does not discount the art or its powerful influence of the visual culture we live in, but parallels globalization’s consumer obsessed society.

Cultures and societies internationally are producing distinct art allowing for a massive movement that is inclusive rather than narrow. Broader ideas are accepted and celebrated within contemporary art, as there are no definitive style or locale.

After reading this article, it is exceptionally clear that contemporary art is what each individual makes of it. As a cross-cultural movement, I am looking forward to studying art from countries around the world and developing a further understanding of the diversity art can be.