Artist Lecture 2 – Lawrence Argent – Lane Mitchell

Lane Mitchell

ARTH 3539

Artist Lecture 2

Born in England and raised in Australia, Lawrence Argent brought his massive public art to America and more specifically Colorado, often making us, the viewer, consider the location in which the art is placed. “Through my placing them, they take on a new meaning”, he says. Continue reading

Visiting Artist #2

Emily Potter

April 30, 2012


Artist Lecture #2

Lawrence Argent

Lawrence Argent is an installation artist who is interested in visual perception and recognition of an object.  He presented his lecture at the Denver Art Museum in the Hamilton Hall.  He is extremely fascinated when the idea of exploration with how one interacts with his installations and the process of how the audience relates to it.  However, though I chose to attend this lecture, I had a very hard time appreciating his work. Continue reading

Lecture Review 2- Lawrence Argent

Mary Robbins

Artist Lecture Review

Lawrence Argent

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Lawrence Argent Lecture Review

Romney Smith

Artist Lecture: Lawrence Argent

Lawrence Argent is an artist who uses a variety of mediums to create pieces that interact with the world and how we see it. In his lecture at the Denver Art Museum, he focused on his public art installation pieces. The first thing I noticed about him was his English accent and the sense of humor that came with it when he stated he had a tattoo of a big blue bear on his chest. Continue reading

Visiting Artist 2: Lawrence Argent

Denver Art Museum Logan Lecture: Lawrence Argent

            I was particularly excited to hear Lawrence Argent lecture at the Denver Art Museum because it was my first time hearing a local artist speak. Being from Colorado, most his large-scale installation works that he covered are accessible for me to visit within a relatively short drive. This is important to me because it is an entirely different experience viewing an artwork in person rather than on a Powerpoint slide; whenever I am near the University of Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, or Vail again, I plan to make a side trip to see his works.

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Artist Lecture Review: Lawrence Argent

Sonya Rivera

ARTH 3539

Artist Lecture Review

On April 18, I traveled to the Denver Art Museum and attended the Logan Lecture Series featuring Lawrence Argent, which I found to be incredibly enjoyable. After a short introduction, the artist began speaking about his main interests when creating an art piece, which includes materiality. Continue reading