extra credit – paige lowe

Extra credit


During spring break I went to Puerto Rico. We stayed one night in San Juan to explore the old town of the city. The streets were lined in tall townhouse looking buildings that were mix use of business on the street level and housing above. Every building was painted a different color of pastel. From light blues, to yellows, to pale pinks.

We continued out trip to Rincon, about three hours away, to surf. The housing there are mainly concrete but are fenced in by ornate gates. The detail ions one on these house gates was beautiful. Giving each house a distinctive characteristic.

I really enjoyed the diversity in the art structures. It was amazing to experience architecture from another region. I loved seeing the difference in cultures from Puerto Rico and Colorado. And yet the similarities between the two.


Artistic Lecture #1- Paige Lowe

Artist lecture

The lecture was held in the Denver Art Museum. The lecture room was black with bright red seats. On the walls were sharp angled lines criss-crossing randomly, mimicking the steep angles of the building seen when walking into the building. The main wall was colored in the same bright red color as the seats. The room has off an intense feeling that I assume is suppose to go along with the design of the building. However, the overall effect of the room gave me a headache. I did not like the bright red contrasting if the stark black walls.

The lecture lasted over an hour with a few questions from the audience.  – Richard Tuttle did not follow a pre planned lecture. He seemed to talk freely from his thoughts, which was confusing to understand his artwork. He had difficultly answering audience questions. He had trouble communicating the meaning behind his works to the audience. He constantly was saying that he placed objects to question reality. Then he would go on a small tangents about his life, such as about his daughter, his trip to Denver, and his mental process. he used numerous materials to complete his works. From home made rice paper to saran wrap.

He mentioned that he should not of included one of his works of art, System 3, Measurement. Although he was encouraged to remove the piece by the curators he refused to because he was very attached to the work. System 3, Measurement does stand out from the others pieces of work and it is missing the differencing levels the other works contain. However, I really enjoyed this piece of work, the feathers are beautiful and t he bird feels to new flying. This piece shows a different subconscious of the mind. I think the bird may reflect dreaming. The show would have been missing a different aspect of his work without it.

Overall, the meaning of his work is to show the different levels of perceived reality. His work has a psychological component. He does not set the base of the works on the ground because he wants to show the foundation of the mind and reality. In his work, he shows the levels of reality the best. The dripping mass into the floor and the stairs going above the base level all show that reality is subjective onto the person, that reality can go above and below what we perceive as reality in our minds.

The show was set apart from the other works by an open walk through making the price the main focus of the show. The work contains paper mâché balls that are wrapped in plastic saran wrap. Overall, I really enjoyed experiencing an artist lecture and seeing how his work is created.

Visiting Scholar Review Hedi Gearhart: Nicole Avant

For the Visiting Scholar lecture I chose to attend Heidi Gearhart’s lecture.  She is a post-doctoral fellow at the Getty Research Institute.  The title of her lecture was, “Is there Virtue in Virtuosity? Art and Skill in the Medieval Monastery”.  Continue reading