Visiting Artist: Nao Bustamante (Jenna Speare)

Jenna Speare

ARTH 3539

24 April 2012

Visiting Artist Lecture

Nao Bustamante

            Nao Bustamante is a multimedia performance artist who uses her body in incentive ways. She often invites her audience members to be a part of her world as well. On April 3rd, when I attended the visiting artist lecture that featured Nao Bustamante, she began her lecture with a performance. Her intention was to prove that art was the only space where she could fully express herself. It was here where she invited us to join her art world with a hypnosis act. “Hypnotizing people to be me” she concluded, and created a digital portrait by allowing us to step into her world. Continue reading

Nao Bustamante Visiting Artist

Megan Watry

ARTH 3539


Nao Bustamante Visiting Artist

            Nao Bustamante is entranced with the subject of bodies in performance; more specifically performance about the body. Nao doesn’t necessarily see herself as an artist but more as a story teller who uses her voice and her actions to tell stories. Stories can be used to explain, defend, recreate an event, and to create empathy. Stories connect people. Nao tells stories about human bodies through performance. Continue reading