Arlene Shechet’s attitude-infused lecture–if you missed it, too bad.

Arlene Shechet’s lecture really conveyed her personality. Every statement she made was imbued with her personal style of delivery and insights into the nuances of her practice. This personal touch is the best ingredient of a successful lecture because beyond informing the audience about the artist, it inspires them in their own process as well. The structure of the lecture was indicative of Arlene’s sculptural practice. She molded her points and observations in such a way as to create both a chronological look at her selected works and a conceptual weaving through them. Just like her sculptural practice, her talk ebbed and flowed, drawing on previous points and highlighting the prevalence of fluidity and circularity in her sculpture. Continue reading

Intellectual Profile Jackson Ellis

1. Give some basic information about your studies and fields of interest.
My name is Jackson Ellis and I am currently a junior pursuing a BFA in sculpture. My artistic career began when my family got the chance to move to Paris, France and I attended an international school in the city for my high school years. Since then my interests have been as diverse as the countries I’ve gotten the chance to visit. As a sculptor I’ve spent the last couple of years learning how to work with metal and wood and have used these skills to create kinetic machines as well as large-scale sculptures. To see more of my work just click here.

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