Smith Paragraphs

Smith started by posing many questions to the reader, and attempting to pry and pick at some answers. Contemporary art can be looked at starting from the 1980′s but the real period starts in the 1990′s. Smith also argues that one could look at art from earlier and say that it is contemporary. In the 1990′s there were many museums dedicated to contemporary art, 90 or so. Contemporary art has become its own subculture. It is very trend setting, and a lot of the artists think of them selves as above pop culture, or other norms. Smith talks about the transition from modern to postmodern and then to contemporary. Postmodern was the balancing point between the two periods. Contemporary art is the first real period to come after postmodern. A lot of the art made int the 70′s or 80′s does not fit into a period. Smith talks about how Contemporary Art is “beyond history” or “after the end of history.” It is a surrendering of art to the present times.

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