Artist Lecture – #2- paige lowe

Michael Franti

            I attended the Michael Franti concert because the artist lecture that had been schedule at 7pm was changed to 6pm when I could not attend. While others were at the Obama speech, I decided to attend Franti. Mainly because I could not be an Obama ticket. I am so happy with the decision I made. I experienced an amazing musical artist.

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Visiting Artist Arlene Shechet -Romney Smith

Visiting Artist Paper: Arlene Shechet

Romney Smith

Arlene Shechet is an artist that works with ceramics, plaster, and various other materials to create interesting pieces that range from obvious to quite unordinary. I found her lecture to be very personal, it is easy to grasp a sense of her personality and mind just by listening to her talk. Most of her works express the thoughts and feelings in her life. As she flowed through sharing one project to another I found myself continuously astounded by her creativity and out of the box ideas. Continue reading