Visiting Artist Lecture: Janine Antoni. By: Nicole Avant

For my visiting artist I chose to do Janine Antoni.  I firstly want to say that I was amazed at how many people came out to see her.  The entire 1B20 was packed to a level that I have never seen before I think that this was a huge reassurance to her that people do enjoy her work and want to see it.  Continue reading

Visiting Artist: Nao Bustamante (Jenna Speare)

Jenna Speare

ARTH 3539

24 April 2012

Visiting Artist Lecture

Nao Bustamante

            Nao Bustamante is a multimedia performance artist who uses her body in incentive ways. She often invites her audience members to be a part of her world as well. On April 3rd, when I attended the visiting artist lecture that featured Nao Bustamante, she began her lecture with a performance. Her intention was to prove that art was the only space where she could fully express herself. It was here where she invited us to join her art world with a hypnosis act. “Hypnotizing people to be me” she concluded, and created a digital portrait by allowing us to step into her world. Continue reading

Logan Lecture Visiting Artist (Jenna Speare)

Jenna Speare

Logan Lecture Paper

ARTH 3539

Logan Lecture Series

Richard Tuttle

           Richard Tuttle a sculpture artist represented by Pace Gallery. He has always loved sculpture but claims to dislike the material world; it is his dream to create something spiritual, yet in the world of sculpture, he is forced to deal with art as materiality. The art world has not achieved abstraction in sculpture that is as interesting as “the figure”. It is also his belief that art is meant to be more accessible to other people for the use that art is meant to have.

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Visiting Artist 2: Lawrence Argent

Denver Art Museum Logan Lecture: Lawrence Argent

            I was particularly excited to hear Lawrence Argent lecture at the Denver Art Museum because it was my first time hearing a local artist speak. Being from Colorado, most his large-scale installation works that he covered are accessible for me to visit within a relatively short drive. This is important to me because it is an entirely different experience viewing an artwork in person rather than on a Powerpoint slide; whenever I am near the University of Denver, Colorado Springs, Aurora, or Vail again, I plan to make a side trip to see his works.

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Aki Sasamoto Visiting Artist

Megan Watry

ARTH 3539


Aki Sasamoto Visiting Artist

            Aki Sasamoto calls herself “The Green Giant” and is a comedian, performer, and installation artist. She often finds that these three self defining characteristics co-exist when she is making art. Aki’s performance art deals a lot with relationships between people. Aki is fascinated with how people relate to each other and how they interact together. She is constantly putting herself in the shoes of another person or animal to look at relationships between people and their environments. Continue reading

Nao Bustamante Visiting Artist

Megan Watry

ARTH 3539


Nao Bustamante Visiting Artist

            Nao Bustamante is entranced with the subject of bodies in performance; more specifically performance about the body. Nao doesn’t necessarily see herself as an artist but more as a story teller who uses her voice and her actions to tell stories. Stories can be used to explain, defend, recreate an event, and to create empathy. Stories connect people. Nao tells stories about human bodies through performance. Continue reading

Visiting Artist Paper 1: Aki Sasamoto

Niki Hale

ARTH 3539

Visiting Artist Lecture: Aki Sasamoto

            Aki Sasamoto is a young installation and performance artist. She was born in Japan, went to boarding school in England, and currently lives and works in New York City. Her visiting artist lecture at the University of Colorado began very unexpectedly; she typed, rather than spoke, her introduction. I immediately wondered if the entire lecture would follow suit, but she turned out to have a very lively attitude and a well-projected voice. Aki showed a list, A through Z, of potential subjects to cover for her lecture, and I was very pleased that we were given the opportunity to hear her speak about the topics that most interested us. The presentation was more of a dynamic interaction between her and the audience rather than a pre-determined lecture.

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Visiting Artist Lecture- Michael Barnes

Michael Barnes came to visit CU and did a lecture for a few studio art classes, one of which I was fortunate enough to be in. His works consist of his drawings which he then transforms into prints and they have a sense of gloom and imagination about them. I found his works to be disturbing yet fascinating and he was very interesting to listen to as he is very passionate about what he does.  Continue reading

Annie Davis Visiting Artist Paper

Janine Antoni

            Janine Antoni visited the University of Colorado on March 6th to talk about her artwork. She earned her BA from Sarah Lawrence College, her MFA from the Rhode Island School of Design and moved on to acquire many achievements such as the Guggenheim Fellowship. Antoni works in many mediums, but most know her for her installations and performance pieces.

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Visiting Artist 2.7.12-MeganMcgrain

Arlene Shechet Visiting Artist 2.7.12

Beginning in the early 1990s, Arlene was greatly influenced by the Buddhist culture.  Arlene began working on her pieces from a Buddhist framework based on iconic imagery. She explained to the crowd that “death was something that was not addressed”. This had greatly impacted her work at this time, from the death of her friend and also the birth of her children, Arlene was very aware and acknowledging these life changing moments. Her work was to reflect these thoughts and interpretations of time, by using simplistic materials and the familiar imagery from the East.  Continue reading