Visiting Scholar Review Hedi Gearhart: Nicole Avant

For the Visiting Scholar lecture I chose to attend Heidi Gearhart’s lecture.  She is a post-doctoral fellow at the Getty Research Institute.  The title of her lecture was, “Is there Virtue in Virtuosity? Art and Skill in the Medieval Monastery”.  Continue reading

Visiting Scholar Lecture Review: Erika Doss

Madison Rupp
ARTH 3539
Scholar Lecture Review

Erika Doss: Cultural Vandalism and Public Memory

Erika Doss’s recent lecture focused on how memorials function in the public sphere, especially when these memorials provoke debate and controversy.  Memorials and monuments can mean different things to different groups of people, which can cause indignation and anger, which in turn can lead to vandalism.  Rather than viewing vandalism as a random delinquent act, Doss views it as a form of discourse that can lead to a more complete understanding of the event that the memorial commemorates.

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