Bryce Johnson Intellectual Profile

1.I am a junior in the BFA program. Most of my work and my interest is more graphic design based, however I enjoy all forms of expression. Photography is the foundation for my ideas about composition, and is a big influence in my design work.

2. One exhibition that I found impressive was Andrea Carlson’s VORE, which I saw in Minneapolis Minnesota. Her works are object based, set in a dreamy landscape. The larger works were very powerful in the way that they are very visually active and also in the way that they provoke very real emotion. Andrea’s work also appeals to me because it appears to be done with more of graphic quality, rather than a painterly quality.

3. The latest two books that I have read have been, Strip, by Thomas Perry, and On the road by Jack Kerouac. Strip has a very interesting plot that develops quickly and has plenty of twists and turns. It is about a strip club owner, who is an old, rich, Russian in LA, who gets robbed while depositing the strip clubs earnings for the night. He ends up getting questionable reports of who his goons think did it, and goes ahead and tries to kill the guy who he thinks did it. He was the wrong guy but gets pissed that some old Russian is trying to kill him, so he has a new life mission to kill the old Russian. All in the meantime the old Russian continues to get robbed by the original person.

4. My main interests besides art are the outdoors, downhill mountain biking, and live music.

5. I do not check any blogs regularly. I am not very tech savvy when it comes to that sort of thing and I don’t think I have found the right blogs to follow.

6. One cultural event that impressed me lately was new years. This was my first new years being of age. Being out with people of the “real world” on a night when people are celebrating for their own personal reasons, while still maintaining a general sense on unity, in that everyone was putting the past behind and looking towards the future for the whole night, was inspiring to me. There washigh human morale, and I like that energy.

7. I recently read an article in the paper over break, the headlines in all caps read “ARMED ROBBERER GUNNED DOWN.” It was the cover story and the paper was folded on the table. What got me thinking was what the picture was on the other half. I opened up the paper to find out that there was a picture of an out of town skier that had fallen on the ski slopes and had trouble getting up. The bottom article was about the high rate of injuries on the ski slopes due to the poor conditions. What was intriguing about the scenario was my understanding of who I thought the audience of the newspaper was. I took it as half the people they were trying to sell the paper to were interested in city safety, and the other half were just really wanting snow.

8.  The concept of time is a thought that we all deal with daily, everyone has their own idea of what time means to them personally. Closely related to my thoughts on time are my thoughts on aging and how the whole process seems to work itself out in a cyclical manner. We see this in the trends of music, clothes, and even ideas. It makes me think of the idea of progression as more of a curved line rather than a straight line.

9. I just moved to Colorado and have made the opportunity to see these museums yet.

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