Intellectual Profile, Rachel Olguin

My name is Rachel and I am a junior studying Psychology and Studio Art with an emphasis in Sculpture. My favorite color is green and I like long walks on the beach at sunset (just kidding). I’m originally from Arcadia, California where I love going to downtown L.A. to see plays and go to Dodger games. I’m looking to go into art therapy and wish I could travel all over the world.

The most memorable exhibition I’ve ever seen was at the Los Angeles County Museum of Art and was a comparison between the work of Rene Magritte and contemporary art. As Magritte is one of my favorite artists, it was really enjoyable to see entire rooms transformed to match his style of art as well as compare the ways in which they were relating to new art and art of different genres, so to speak.

The last book I read was Perfect by Ellen Hopkins, my favorite author. She tells the stories of traumatic teenage experiences by writing from their eyes in poems. This particular book told the stories of four kids attempting to perfect different portions of their lives in one way or another. I love her books because she tells about the kinds of kids that I want to help and she does so in an entirely artistic way.

Other than art I am involved in leadership at the Annex, a ministry at First Presbyterian Church for college students. I help put on events (mostly sports related) and help students find community at our church. I’m also interested in most every sport on the planet as well as baking (weird combo right?). My favorite things to make are cupcakes but I’ll try anything once. My most followed blogs are definitely cooking blogs and include Joy the Baker, Rumbly in my Tumbly and How Sweet It Is.

Remember that cruise ship fiasco that happened a couple weeks ago? Well I would definitely say that that particular event has made me think lately. You see, I am already afraid of boats. Titanic, Poseidon, they don’t help either. I was already iffy about the whole cruise thing; being surrounded by dark, deep water and miles upon miles away from land? Doesn’t float my boat if you catch my drift. I think this is both a cultural event as well as something from the news because for one, cruise lines are a major part of the ideals that come with the American Dream. We all want to succeed well enough to be able to take a leisurely trip once in a while. For two, you can’t really ignore a giant sinking ship in the news. You just can’t.

Christianity has definitely widened my intellectual horizon. Its funny, most people consider it to be something that limits your horizons, forcing you to focus on one goal, one outcome; but there’s so much more to it than that. Having faith in God has really opened my eyes to just how many facets the world functions on. Even just on the CU campus, every interaction I have has a multiplicity of meanings.

I’ve been to the Denver Art Museum as far as my Colorado art experiences go. Most of my museum trips fall into those in California. Cheers everybody.

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